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Apps with 'Mobile OS' feature

  1. A free and open-source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform. It is the successor to the highly popular custom ROM CyanogenMod, from which it was forked in December 2016 when Cyanogen Inc.

  2. Ubuntu Touch is a mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system for mobile devices. It is adapted to run naturally in a mobile, touch-screen environment but is also capable of functioning as a desktop computer while in "desktop mode".

  3. /e/ is a fork of LineageOS that aims to be completely free of everything Google. Not only that, but there are a number of goals the developer has in mind for /e/ that more people feel are vital to a mobile operating system.

  4. Everyone needs a phone. Not everyone wants governments and corporations tracking their every move and spying on their communications. CalyxOS lets you have your cake and eat it too, with "Privacy by Design".

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  5. Replicant is a distribution of Android that is 100% Free Software.

  6. postmarketOS (pmOS), is a touch-optimized, pre-configured Alpine Linux that can be installed on smartphones and other mobile devices. The project is at very early stages of development and is not usable for most users yet.

  7. Plasma Mobile turns your phone into a fully open hacking device, just like a PC. You can join us to start building new mobile experiences now.

  8. iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. and distributed exclusively for Apple hardware. It is the operating system that powers iPhone, iPod Touch, and formerly iPad.

  9. LineageOS unofficial fork with built-in microG gapps implementation.

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  10. Sailfish OS is a European alternative to dominating mobile operating systems, and the only mobile OS offering an exclusive licensing model for local implementations.

  11. A mobile operating system divested from the norm.

  12. Tizen is an open source mobile and device operating system based on Linux developed by Samsung and Intel.

  13. Mobian icon

    Mobian is an open-source project aimed at bringing Debian GNU/Linux to mobile devices.

  14. OxygenOS is an Android-based OS developed by OnePlus exclusively for their smartphones.