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Top positive commentApr 3, 2018

I just deleted Windows today and installed Ubuntu on my desktop. Ubuntu is very easy to learn I had it up and running on a 9-year-old desktop that I received for free

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Why does everyone who first install Linux talk about this to the community?

Reply written Sep 16, 2018

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Because for years we ( Windows users) were under the impression that Linux was so complicated and that Windows was going to be the only OS that we would ever use. BTW I like Windows 10. I just hate the fact that Microsoft basically owns your PC after agreeing to the TOS

Reply written Sep 16, 2018

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The Linux Maniac
Top positive commentMar 25, 2021

Ubuntu Is A Great Distro, And The Distro That Brings Many Windows And Mac Users To Linux, But It Tracks It's User, It Was Found In 2012, Nad They Ended Iit In 2017, That:s Why I Kinda Hate Ubuntu

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John Fastman
Top negative commentApr 18, 2018

As of 2018, Ubuntu's installer will collect data about user devices. This has caused outrage amongst Linux users.

Firstly, it's opt-out, rather than opt-in.

Secondly, it shouldn't even be there.

Thirdly, Canonical (Ubuntu's creators) have a very poor record on privacy, including harvesting local searches to drive Amazon sales and hostility to critics or their privacy practices.

Try Linux Mint or Manjaro instead. Linux Mint is completely compatible with Ubuntu, but comes with added features that make it even more user-friendly, especially for beginners. Manjaro is not based on Ubuntu; it's based on Arch. Although Arch has a daunting reputation as a difficult-to-use distro, Manjaro has been completely sorted out by its creators for user-friendliness. It supports both its own and the AUR (Arch User Repository), which means access to tens and tens of thousands of apps. If you don't know which to go for, consider also: Mint will be as stable as Ubuntu, Manjaro is a semi-rolling distro, which means it gets very regular system updates. Both are available with different desktops, and both are very much better than Ubuntu. I use Manjaro and would never use Ubuntu.

[Edited by JohnFastman, May 27]

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One thing isn't true: Settings, Privacy, Problem Reporting.

Reply written Feb 10, 2021

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Robert Wang

What about to buy the support?

Reply written Apr 16, 2022

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Negative commentJan 4, 2024

Canonical pushing proprietary snaps even tho nobody wants to use them. All other distos prefer flatpak, and that's what is installed by default... but not on ubuntu

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Negative commentDec 21, 2023
• Edited Feb 27, 2024

isnt trustworthy as other linux distros, but more than windows etc. close source snaps

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Positive commentApr 17, 2023

Je connais Ubuntu depuis sa version 8.04LTS et malgré les aléas causé par son interface très décrié à l'époque (la fameuse Unity UI), je l'ai trouvé pertinente et fort accessible aux utilisateurs souhaitant une grande simplicité d'usage, tel les personnes âgés ou peu doué en informatique, bien plus répandu qu'ont ne le pense. Bien que je préfère utiliser d'autres UI (XFCE4 & MATE), je ne peux que recommander l'utilisation de Ubuntu pour ceux qui veulent une distribution Linux sans se prendre la tête.

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Negative commentJul 18, 2022

Removal of xfsprogs can break Ubuntu icon Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS...

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