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      Whoever want to change the description to that again, please read [THIS]( & the **EULA** (horrible!). It is the same as Chrome, based on open source code then added a bunch of cr@p but those are remain hidden, + you are not allowed to find out (=you will be sued if you try to) what are they. _These kind of browsers won't become popular because of this (Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc)_. **""Thank god!""** - Tracking options - Modified search results (?more money higher relevance? = called **Adware?**) - and who knows what else I can suggest only 2 really good browsers (mozilla side <-> chromium side), try them before you make the biggest mistake in your life with vivaldi or chrome: - [Firefox]( - [Iridium](
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      3 days ago
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      I love Vivaldi browser features, but because they are laggy and have a lot of bugs, I forced to write the review. Run Vivaldi browser with next flags: > -–flag-switches-begin --debug-packed-apps --silent-debugger-extension-api --flag-switches-end And then right click on any element in the browser, and open it in Developer Tools (inspect element). And you will see the full picture of why Vivaldi is laggy. What is Vivaldi? - It's Chrome App - Which inside Chrome App removing Chrome Aura UI - Than inside Chromium Window draw with Chromium V8 & different engines a site - This site it's their JS + CSS + HTML code to draw Vivaldi Interface - Than Inside rendered site, Vivaldi adds a code block inside already created earlier HTML code your site what you browse. - That why whole Vivaldi browser so laggy and have tons of problems related to the performance. In other words: - Vivaldi renders itself via browser engine which must work on SITE instead of browser UI, and inside their UI than they render again a SITE, which provokes MASSIVE performance problems. So, Vivaldi will NEVER be good and fast browser ever, because it does recursive work on itself, and then on the website what needs to load. How work Google Chrome / Cent Browser / Opera / Firefox? - They render UI (user interface) which is pre-compilated by Operation system instruments instead of javascript / CSS / HTML engine built-in in the browser. They do it ONLY 1 time and display it as a static interface. What Vivaldi do? - They render UI every time when you open any new page, inside this UI they render another site, and only then they display the whole site inside Chrome window, inside this site you will see UI (menus, tabs, etc interface things) and only then you will see the site. This is absolutely GARBAGE and a big problem. Why Vivaldi team did that trick? Because they are website devs, not a professional software dev. It's super easy to write a site interface, and join (include) another site inside already created UI and render it by browser engine. That why whole browser performance NEVER and NEVER will be as fast as any static UI browsers (chromium forks with a native static interface, firefox, Edge, etc).
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      3 days ago