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DuckDuckGo Features

  1.  Privacy focused
  2.  No Tracking
  3.  Dark Mode
  4.  No registration required
  5.  Lightweight
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DuckDuckGo was added to AlternativeTo by Mithrandir on Nov 19, 2010 and this page was last updated Apr 21, 2024. DuckDuckGo is sometimes referred to as ddg,, Duck Duck Go, DuckDuckGo Plus.

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Top positive commentJun 8, 2020

Privacy oriented with a feel similar to Google, which makes the switch much easier. I use it and I feel safer on DDG than on Google.

It also has the ability to generate random passwords and passphrases, which are good in strength (PW manager recommended if you're gonna use that).

[Edited by AwesomeSauce32, October 29]

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Benjamin Lupton
Top positive commentSep 9, 2015

I held off switching from Google to DuckDuckGo for a very long time (years), as I was always sure that Google would be able to offer better search results in exchange for my privacy, however as time went by, I wasn't comfortable with the vast amount of information I gave google with so little return in better results — so I tried DuckDuckGo, after a week or so, I didn't find any issues with results, and perhaps once a month, out of the thousands of searched I do, do I ever have to go to google. So considering that, I'm very pleased that I was able to maintain my privacy with no compromises. Well done.

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Top negative commentMay 8, 2020

Everyone knows that DuckDuckGo runs on Amazon servers in the United States and partnered with Yahoo. Why should we trust them?

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Positive comment
Pending approval • Edited Apr 21, 2024

Pros : ✅ Free, partially open-source and probably private ✅ Available as a default search engine on your browser, and as an app on Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows. ✅ Fast, relevant and customizable search engine. ✅ If you trust them, they are supposed not to track you and also block most trackers and dubious ads. ✅ Financed by untargeted advertising and their Premium "Privacy Pro" subscription ✅ Several search tabs: all, images, videos, news, maps, integrating Apple Plans, and more recently an AI chat, supporting GPT-3.5 from OpenAI and Claude from Anthropic. ✅ Numerous filters let you refine your search, especially in the images tab. ✅ Thanks to bangs, or shortcuts, you can perform quick searches from other sites, such as Google or Wikipedia.

Meh : ✅❌ "Hybrid" search engine: supplements its own technology with external sources, such as Bing. ✅❌ DuckDuckGo makes pirate streaming sites, YouTube mp3 converters and other controversial sites almost inaccessible. ✅❌ DuckDuckGo downgrades a large number of disinformation sites, including Russian propaganda sites.

Cons: ❌ In 2022, a scandal hit DuckDuckGo. The search engine, which is supposed to block all trackers, in fact lets in some of Microsoft's trackers, notably on the LinkedIn website. Revealed by IT security experts, DuckDuckGo finally admitted to an agreement with Microsoft to use Bing and eventually corrected its mistake. ❌ Some people complain that their search results are not relevant enough, especially since they are largely based on Bing. ❌ Some of the news redirects to MSN News, a Microsoft proprietary service

🙏 Thanks to the developers and the open-source and libre community.

🙏 Thanks to the YouTube videos of Techlore, Eric Murphy and Gwên - Tech for this information : ↳ Techlore : ↳ Eric Murphy : ↳ Gwên - Tech :

ℹ️ Other sources: TechRadar and Numerama

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Positive commentSep 27, 2023

I used to be good, but they have started collecting more and more information about your browsing activity over the years

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Negative commentAug 19, 2023

Tracks you and they censor search results.

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Positive commentJun 13, 2023

While DuckDuckGo's partial open-source approach is admirable, it is unfortunate that the search engine is not fully open-source. Open-source software promotes transparency, collaboration, and innovation, and can provide users with greater control over their digital experiences. By not being fully open-source, DuckDuckGo's code cannot be freely examined and modified by the community, which limits the potential for improvements and innovations. However, it is important to note that DuckDuckGo's privacy-focused approach to search is still a valuable alternative to other search engines that may not prioritize user privacy.

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