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    Freemium Web Website

    LALAL.AI introduces a new and improved way to extract vocals and instruments from music tracks. The new online service uses a machine-learning algorithm to precisely identify and carefully separate vocal and instrumental tracks.

    We've compared all available audio splitting methods and proved that ours is the best. For the sake of objectivity, we have improved some of these methods using our music database — the studio-quality multi-track recordings (the material that sound engineers operate with).

    200GB of training data — this number was artificially increased during the training up to a whopping 20TB. 45 million neural network parameters and advanced digital signal processing. All this in order to use the power of AI to improve the lives of millions of people — DJs, producers, vocalists, dancers, karaoke lovers.

  • Appointy

    Freemium Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Appointy is an online scheduling software to help your business to grow and manage your business in one easy to use and powerful user interface

    Schedule online
    Customers self schedule 24x7, any time, any where

    Increase productivity
    Improve staff productivity, manage multiple staff and locations

    Attract customers
    Social promotion via facebook, twitter and email marketing

    Retain customers
    Understand your customer and run customer loyalty programs


    Appointy icon
  • Quillnote

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    Take beautiful markdown notes whenever you feel inspired. Place them in notebooks and tag them accordingly. Stay organized by making task lists, set reminders and keep everything in one place by attaching related files.

    Quillnote is fully free and open-source. It will never show you ads, ask you for unnecessary permissions or upload your notes anywhere without you knowing.

    With Quillnote, you can:

    • Take notes with Markdown support
    • Make task lists
    • Pin your favorite notes to the top
    • Hide notes you do not want others to see
    • Set reminders for events you do not want to miss
    • Add voice recordings and other file attachments
    • Group related notes in notebooks
    • Add tags to notes
    • Archive notes you want out of your way
    • Search through notes
    • Sync with Nextcloud (experimental)
    • Backup your notes to a zip file which you can restore at a later time
    • Toggle between light and dark mode
    • Choose between multiple color schemes


    Quillnote icon
  • Contentful

    Commercial Web Website

    A content management system that enables cross-platform, multi-device online publishing. Businesses employ Contentful to publish editorial content for web apps, mobile apps, and, ultimately, any connected devices.

    Contentful is 1) a backend for content delivery, 2) an API for fetching and manipulating the content, and 3) a web app in which editors create and organize the content. The full stack for modern publishing.

    Contentful is different from the majority of established web CMSs, as it keeps content separated from its presentation and delivers content via an elegant RESTful JSON API, empowering developers to build highly custom user experiences.


    Contentful icon
  • ShareDrop

    Free Web Self-Hosted WebRTC Website

    ShareDrop is an HTML5 clone of the Apple AirDrop service. It allows you to transfer files directly between devices, without having to upload them to any server first. It uses WebRTC for secure peer-to-peer file transfer and Firebase for presence management and WebRTC signaling.

    ShareDrop allows you to send files to other devices in the same local network (i.e. devices with the same public IP address) without any configuration - simply open on all devices and they will see each other. It also allows you to send files between networks - just click + button in the top right corner of the page to create a room with a unique URL and share this URL with other people you want to send a file to. Once they open this page in a browser on their devices, you'll see each other's avatars.

    The main difference between ShareDrop and AirDrop is that ShareDrop requires Internet connection to discover other devices, while AirDrop doesn't need one - it creates an ad-hoc wireless network between them. On the other hand, ShareDrop allows you to share files between mobile (Android) and desktop devices and between networks as well.


    ShareDrop icon
  • LibreTorrent

    Free Android Android Tablet F-Droid Website

    LibreTorrent is a Free as in Freedom torrent client for Android 4 and later, based on libtorrent. Download and share files directly on your device.


    LibreTorrent icon
  • Soduto

    Free Mac KDE Connect Website

    Soduto for macOS allows your computer to communicate and share information with other devices: Android, Linux or other Macs. Want to copy-paste content across your devices? Browse remote files? Send SMS straight from the desktop? Or maybe simply share a link? All of this and more is possible with Soduto - securely and effortlessly!

    • Security First. Soduto is made to be as secure as possible by embracing an open peer-to-peer networking protocol and various built-in macOS security features.

    • Share with ease. Share your content between devices without hassle by using different methods for different situations.

    • Clipboard without boundaries. Share clipboard content across all your devices. You will forget that they are different devices.

    • Your phone brought closer. Receive call and SMS notifications on your computer. Send SMS straight from the desktop. Don’t waste your time checking your phone so often.


    Soduto icon
  • Organic Maps

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad F-Droid Website

    Organic Maps is an Android & iOS offline maps app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists based on top of crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap data and curated with love by MAPS.ME founders.


    Organic Maps icon
  • TextMagic

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Android iPhone Website

    TextMagic is a all-in-one bulk business text-messaging service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns.


    TextMagic icon
  • Notally

    Free Android Website

    A minimalistic notes app. Notally it's extremely light, minimalistic and elegant. There are minimal dependencies and lines of code. (All without compromising on readability).


    Notally icon
  • Serpstat

    Commercial Web Chrome Opera Firefox Website

    Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform for Marketers, SEO and PPC specialists and business owners.
    It has 4 powerful tools:

    • Keyword and Competitors Research in organic and paid search with the most biggest and updatable database of keywords in your region;
    • Rank tracking: Unlike other rank tracking services on the market, it keeps track of all top 100 search results for a keyword, and not only the rank of one domain for the tracked keyword. Serpstat users benefit from this unique feature by gaining insight into exact positions of all top 100 domains for a keyword without the need to create separate projects for monitoring competitors’ ranks
    • Backlink tool: Full backlinks data collected over the last 2 years. Serpstat saves data on all changes that happen to a domain's link profile: referring domains and pages, anchors and more.
    • SEO Audit: Serpstat`s unique SDO score shows how well your web site optimised and allows you to compare the quality of your website's optimization to the quality of your competitors' optimization.


    Serpstat icon
  • Gadgetbridge

    Free Android Website

    A free and cloudless replacement for your gadget vendors' closed source Android applications. Supports Pebble, Mi Band, Liveview, HPlus and more.


    Gadgetbridge icon
  • Shells

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Shells is offering Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for personal use or for small to large businesses with choice of running Windows 10 or various Linux distributions as desktops operating system.


    Shells icon
  • OAndBackupX

    Free Android Website

    OAndBackupX is a fork of the infamous OAndBackup with the aim to bring OAndBackup to 2020.


    OAndBackupX icon
  • Fritter

    Free Android F-Droid Twitter Website

    A free, open-source Small Twitter iconTwitter client for Android and iOS.


    • Device-local subscriptions and groups, Newpipe-style, including a feed view
    • Device-local saving of tweets, allowing offline reading
    • Viewing profiles
    • Viewing tweets and replies
    • Viewing and downloading pictures, videos and GIFs in tweets
    • Searching for tweets and users
    • Viewing trending topics
    • Supports opening links directly


    Fritter icon
  • µlogger

    Free Android Website

    µlogger [micro-logger] is an android application for continuous logging of location coordinates, designed to record hiking, biking tracks and other outdoor activities. This app works with a self-hosted server.


    µlogger icon
  • Deno

    Free Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted Website

    Deno is a modern Javascript / Typescript server runtime with a focus on security and simplicity.


    Deno icon
  • Komoot

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Apple Watch Website

    Find the best hiking trails and routes, see maps and take them with you. Discover the top 10 best hikes.


    Komoot icon
  • Mapstr

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Apple Watch Website

    Mapstr lets you keep track of all your favorite places around the world, tag them, and find them on your very own map.


    Mapstr icon
  • Cronometer

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    An online diary for tracking your diet, exercise, and other health related information. The mobile app is a companion to the website for easy logging on the go.


    Cronometer icon
  • Invoice Ninja

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Self-Hosted Cloudron Website

    Invoice Ninja is a free, open-source solution for invoicing and billing customers. With Invoice Ninja, you can easily build and send beautiful invoices from any device that has access to the web. .


    Invoice Ninja icon
  • LTE Cleaner

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    LTE Cleaner wipes the only thing Android API 23+ can clean: log files, temporary files, and empty folders. Opensource, no ads.


    LTE Cleaner icon
  • Watomatic

    Free Android Android Tablet F-Droid Website

    Watomatic sends an automated reply to everyone contacting you on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.


    Watomatic icon
  • Pelican

    Free Self-Hosted Website

    Static site generator, written in Python, that requires no database or server-side logic.


    Pelican icon

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