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Apps with 'Ribbon Interface' feature

  1. Microsoft Word, part of the Microsoft Office Suite but also sold as a standalone application, is Microsoft's word processor.
  2. SoftMaker Office is an office suite for Windows, Linux, Android, Windows Mobile, and Windows CE.

  3. Innovative, convenient, fast, feature-packed File Manager, with a unique, powerful and, at the same time, familiar and easy to use interface, designed for all users.
  4. Sibelius is a scorewriter program, created by Sibelius Software (now part of Avid Technology) for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and historically RISC OS.
  5. WinCatalog Light provides basic cataloguing functionality:
  6. BowPad is a small and fast text editor with a ribbon user interface and syntax highlighting.
  7. CADopia is a powerful Computer-Aided-Design software for engineers, architects, designers and drafters — virtually anyone who creates, edits, or views professional drawings.
  8. FlexMail is a variable data design and printing solution, unmatched in its versatility and performance. FlexMail lets you connect to your data, prepare the data for your project, design your output, and print at high quality and speed on any printer.
  9. BCGControlBar Professional is an MFC extension library that allows you to create the advanced user interfaces. It combines an easy to use and very powerful feature set implemented by highly customizable collection of MFC extension classes.