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  1. Minsh is a platform that builds white label mobile applications to help organizations improve communications with their teams. The app allows collaborators to chat, schedule events and meetings, and access a searchable team directory and custom features and push notifications.
  2. aMSN is a free open source MSN Messenger clone. aMSN attempts to emulate the look and feel of Windows Live Messenger, and supports many of its features.


    The project is dead. The last release was on May 2012 according to SourceForge.

  3. JANDI is a business messaging app with built-in workplace productivity features.
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  4. Niltalk lets you create instant, password protected chat rooms without the need to signup. Simply click the "Create" button, and share the unique chat URL with your peers.
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  5. BitlBee brings IM (instant messaging) to IRC clients. It's a great solution for people who have an IRC client running all the time and don't want to run an additional MSN/AIM/whatever client.
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    QUGO is a free messaging app that lets you express yourself beyond emojis and stickers, through the use of Custom 3D animated avatars. Experience the most lively chat ever with QUGO.
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  6. Brosix is a secure instant messaging application that is one excellent solution to secure and organize your everyday internal communication.
  7. BBM Enterprise enterprise messenger offers faster communication, collaboration and decision making while providing enhanced security over corporate data.
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  8. Quaternion is a cross-platform Qt5-based desktop IM client for Matrix, a reference desktop application using libQMatrixClient. Source code, issue tracker, roadmap etc. can be found at GitHub.
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  9. KeeperChat - The leading secure messaging app.
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  10. BeagleIM is a lightweight and powerful XMPP client developed by Tigase, Inc. It provides an easy way to start using the XMPP Protocol (formerly known as Jabber) if you've never used it before. Veterans of the protocol will find many features here they are familiar.
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  11. LeggoChat is a group or channel based chat platform that is designed to be easy to set up for any casual, or formal settings and discussions. Users can choose to have their messages logged and stored, or otherwise. No user accounts are required to get started at all.
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  12. Monal is an XMPP/Jabber IM client. It can connect to any standard XMPP chat server such as Gtalk or Facebook chat. Notable features:
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  13. Free open source Electron based multi instant messaging (IM) client. Combine all your IM applications (or whatever you want) in a single browser (Electron) window.
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