Zenkit is a collaborative SaaS platform for project management, database building and more. Follow your data through its entire lifecycle, from fluid brainstorming and research through to a structured system for collaborative use. Zenkit is the flexible workspace you can use to organize anything.

Zenkit lets you view and manipulate your data in multiple intuitive ways to gain deeper insight into your projects. Start with a simple list or Kanban board to plan your process, or switch to a table to input additional data and view analytics. Use it to build your own CRM, automated reporting system, or financial planner, or simply save your recipes and plan your holidays. Share your workspaces and assign tasks to your friends and colleagues, and view as much or as little data as you need at any moment. Zenkit helps you to intuitively focus on what’s important.

Hyper-flexible and customizable, Zenkit is a relational database that anyone can use and understand. It is the home for your data, your projects and your business, no matter how big or small, simple or complex. Use Zenkit to cultivate your data and help your projects flourish.

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Free with limited functionality

Pricing Information

Subscription that costs between $8 and $25. Price may vary depending on commitment and so on.

Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Official Website    Facebook    Twitter


Add-ons Automated reporting system Black background Bookmark organization Bulk actions Calendar Calendar integration Calendar view Checkbox for items Checklists Clean design Cloud sync Clutter free Collaborative Workspaces Configurable Content Filtering Cross-references Import CSV data Custom data fields Custom fields CRM Customizable Customizing Data Import and Export Different scoring systems Differential backup Drag n drop File-organization File sharing Filtering Financial planner Gantt-charts Goal setting Goal Tracking Google Calendar integration Google Drive integration Group similar objects Hierachy view Individual task list elements Integrated File Sharing Intuitive Nodes Kanban boards Kanban Chart Lightbox galleries List management Make Groups Mind Map view Minimap Optimized for Mobile Mood tracking Multiple languages Multiple Phases Native application Works Offline Offline operations Online Sharing Package Manager Paypal integration Planner Productivity analysis Project Dashboard Project overview Real time collaboration Reminder for deadlines Reminders Resource scheduling Easy Return and Refund Handling Slack integration Social Media Automation Subtasks Support for Kanban Boards Switch views in one click Tabbed interface Task assignments Task Automation Task level chat Task modularity Task Scheduling Task time tracking Team Collaboration Team work Support for Themes Time Off Management To-Do management To do lists Todos UI customization Support for Unicode Unified inbox User interface Visual design Workflow Automation Add a feature


Office & Productivity Business & Commerce Remote Work & Education File Sharing


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At first I thought it looked a little simple but after using it for a while I was really surprised by the power of the features. I’ve started using it to organize pretty much everything but really...

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