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Comment by JohnAlternate
about TiddlyWiki · Jan 2015 · Helpful Not helpful 5 Helpful Report as spam

Once you either
want to insert a picture in your note, or
amount of notes gets past number 100

you will quickly realise why this is definitely NOT a good choice.

For creating an intra-web wiki, which is somehow very focused and limited to amount of articles - this is okay-ish.

But for note taking application? Ever seen a 15 Megabyte (and increasing) large HTML, full of Javascript and pictures in separate folders ?! Yeah.


TiddlyWiki is a single html file, just like a web page... actually, you can say it is a webpage but you can store it locally or on-line (..or on a USB stick or email, etc, etc).

For this reason, just like a webpage, it is not wise to try to embed images in the very document. Instead simply link to images super easily, for example using [img[http://...]] or to a local file.

And regarding "amount of notes" - you can typically have several thousands without problem.

What has kept my own interest in TiddlyWiki over the years is its incedible customizability. You can use it as a notebook or easily customise it into other types of special CMS applications.

its a self-modifying JS-powered webpage alright.

For this very reason, it does not distribute the pages on multiple html documents and JS starts to show the effects for high note count. Also the effect of big text, documents will be rendered slow on the screen. It also requires you to have a browser running to use it. Storing images in local folder is what I did, but they are still stored aside from notes by the nature of engine.

Personally, the dedicated note taking applications like KeepNote beat it, if offline operation is not required. The standalone wikis beat it, because they distribute the load better and require much less JS.

However, if WYSIWYG formatting can be replaced with pseudo-text variant, for example:

  • bold *, ! warning, BIGFONT, :header 1, ::header 2, url:link, °##tag1, °##tag2

apparently nothing beats the speed and simplicity of text notes for personal notetaking.

I wrote my own parser for tags in bash, thus I get ultra fast searches, whilst the notes have sufficient markup and minimum on ram/dependencies.

[Edited by JohnAlternate, October 30]

this is a newer me. and yes, been there, even used markdown.
the best method is really ODT/LibreOffice and fulltext mass search of all ODTs via a script.
it gets best of all worlds together.

Comment by subduedreader
about TiddlyWiki · Jul 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report as spam

It is very cross platform and doesn't tie you to any software, though it does have some trouble with Firefox, though there is an extension for that.

Comment by Mustachio
about TiddlyWiki · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Report as spam

I like this as a personal wiki. Everything saves to one html file with one java file. The interface is clean and everything works nicely the only drawback is that it doesn't look quite like a Wikipedia or similar site. Also, for some reason, some of the terminology is changed ('pages' are referred to as 'tiddlers')