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Apps with 'Set deadlines' feature

  1. Deck is a kanban style organization tool aimed at personal planning and project organization for teams integrated with Nextcloud.

  2. Hitask is the project planner for getting tasks done. Assign, prioritize, and remind tasks to your team with lists. Check progress of each project on the go and see what your organization is working at.

  3. Email Client for Managers and Small Business Owners - Stay on top of everything without leaving your inbox | Visual Task Board for Your Email: Kanban, Inbox Zero and Getting Things Done (GTD) directly in your inbox. Best IQTell alternative.

  4. One central platform to sell, bill and organise your work. Stop the mess with information spread across different tools, Excel sheets, and inboxes, and collaborate efficiently with your colleagues.

  5. Fully customizable live countdown wallpaper for Mac. Just set a start date and a deadline, customize the wallpaper and menu bar and ready, the motivational boost will be present every time you see the screen.

  6. Online Gantt chart software for project management with an intuitive interface. The tool allows planning, scheduling, and managing projects easily with Gantt charts! Also, it is great for team collaboration and resource management.

  7. Built to manage all communication in the law office, and to keep cases moving forward, Filevine is a step forward in project management for businesses. Instead of simply organizing information, Filevine keeps you working on tasks until the job is done.

  8. Deadlines is a calendar app with a focus on long-running tasks and events such as assignments, development milestones, hackathons and game jams. These kinds of events and tasks can easily become cluttered or hard to read in more traditional calendar layouts.

  9. IPzen is a cloud based legal software for case management and invoicing. Which makes the law practice easy and simple for small to large size firms. It could be even used by solo practitioners, investigators,.

  10. Enjoy creating deadlines using free-from text input and intuitive design. Deadlines are sync'd across all your Macs, so you'll never have to worry about missing somethings. New features are coming as we keep working on it!

  11. GoalStream is an easy-to-use personal project planning tool that lets you create and visualize the dependencies between tasks.