Intuitive online Gantt chart software for planning and managing all kinds of projects.

Split your projects into groups of tasks and subtasks and assign them. Organize and schedule tasks, set durations and dependencies between them. Put your projects on Gantt charts to set accurate estimates and manage your resources wisely!

* Intuitive & beautiful UX/UI design.
* All key Gantt chart features: from durations, progress, and dependencies to milestones and a critical path
* Collaboration features: assignments, team workflow, comments & attachments, notifications.
* Auto-scheduling that supports various scenarios.
* Import from MS Project.
* Export to PDF, PNG, XLSX
* Sharing via Public URL with third parties with the right to view.
* Resource workload, resource management.
* History of changes and Undo.
* Filters.
* Baselines.
* Personal and project calendars.
* Ready-made templates.
* Tasks list view.
* Custom columns.



Pricing Information

Subscription that costs between $6 and $12. Price may vary depending on commitment and so on.

Supported Platforms


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GanttPRO does one thing well: project management. It doesn't try to be an instant messaging platform or a content management system or an intranet portal; it simply provides a simple, intuitive...

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