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  • Bitbucket Server

    Bitbucket Server (previously known as Stash) fits into any enterprise environment because it can be deployed within existing infrastructure or on hosted infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services.


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    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web

  • Atlassian Clover

    Atlassian Clover provides Java and Groovy code coverage for software testing. Spend more time writing code that does stuff than code that tests stuff.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA Grails Maven Ant

  • Bitbucket

    Code collaboration version control. Offers hosted (freemium) for limited (5) users, and a commercial self-hosted for a subscription. Free licenses are available for qualified open source projects, nonprofits, and classrooms.


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    Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted

  • Sourcetree

    A powerful Mac and Windows client for Mercurial and Git distributed version control systems. Sourcetree strips away the complexity of DVCS and makes it usable for mere mortals.


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    Free Mac Windows

  • JIRA

    Trusted by 11,000+ businesses, JIRA is the leading bug tracking, issue tracking and project management tool.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Web Self-Hosted

  • Confluence

    Leading collaboration software and enterprise wiki for intranets and knowledge management.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Web Self-Hosted Cloudron

  • Bamboo Continuous Integration

    Todays development teams are adopting continuous integration to increase productivity and improve code quality.


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    Commercial Mac Windows Linux

  • is the best way for web infrastructure, developer API, and SaaS companies to get set up with their very own status page in minutes. Integrate public metrics and allow your customers to subscribe to be updated automatically.


    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • Crucible

    Atlassian Crucible takes the pain out of code review. Find bugs and improve code quality through peer code review from JIRA or your workflow.


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    Commercial Windows

  • Jira Agile

    JIRA Agile, previously called GreenHopper, unlocks the power of Agile, whether you're a seasoned agile expert, or just getting started.


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    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web Jira

  • Jira Mobile Connect

    JIRA Mobile Connect is a free, open-source library for collecting feedback and engaging with your mobile users to improve the quality of your application.


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    Free Open Source iPhone iPad

    • Discontinued
      No longer compatible according to the JIRA interface
  • Portfolio for Jira

    Project portfolio management software from JIRA. Portfolio for JIRA provides a single, accurate view for planning and managing across multiple teams.


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    Commercial Web Self-Hosted Jira

  • Bitbucket Pipelines

    Integrated CI/CD for Bitbucket Cloud that's trivial to set up, automating your code from test to production.


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    Freemium Web

  • Atlaskit

    Atlaskit is Atlassian's official UI library for React. The UI components are Atlassian Design Guidelines(ADG) compliant, reusable, well-maintained and accessible.


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    Free Open Source Self-Hosted React

  • OpenClover

    OpenClover is a free and open-source code coverage tool for Java, Groovy and AspectJ. It's based on the open-sourced version of Atlassian Clover®, the world's most sophisticated code coverage tool.


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    Free Open Source Self-Hosted Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA Jenkins Maven

  • Tower

    Tower is a native desktop Git client for both macOS and Windows.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows


    Agile Scaling Platform - Help organizations to manage multiple Agile teams, releases and Scaled Agile Programs and Portfolio.


    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted

  • DashOne

    Supercharge your new tab page with intelligent widgets and smart bookmarks. "I love opening 100 tabs over and over to get info" - said no one ever "This new tab extension saves me 30-45 minutes every day.


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    Freemium Web Software as a Service (SaaS)


    Online platform to: - manage penetration testing, - generate reports, and - enable direct collaboration between every one involved in penetration testing process.


    Freemium $ $ $ Web

  • Magnolia CMS

    Magnolia is an open Java CMS that delivers smartphone simplicity on an enterprise-scale.


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    Free Open Source Windows Linux Web

  • Substratum (Theme Engine)

    Substratum is a theme engine for rooted and unrooted Android devices running Android Nougat and above.


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    Free Android Android Tablet

  • JIRA Client

    JIRA Client is a desktop application for day-to-day work with JIRA issues. It helps you quickly navigate and drill down into issues, schedule tasks and triage problems with drag-and-drop, accurately track time, work when you are offline.


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    Commercial Mac Windows Linux

  • stts

    stts helps you monitor the status of various cloud services. With a click of the menubar icon, you can see the status of your favorite services. You can also be notified when a service goes down or gets restored.


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    Free Open Source Mac