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      I used to like the core of the _Sourcetree_ application, and it has even been my main Git UI for a while. However, I can no longer recommend it. Over the years, Atlassian tied it increasingly tightly to their Bitbucket ecosystem. This went far enough that for a while now, it's not even possible to complete installation anymore without registering for a BItbucket account and going through an online activation process. A requirement like this instantly disqualifies any application for me – especially if it's a free one. Atlassian claims it wasn't a marketing move, but motivated by licensing and legal considerations. To the end-user, it doesn't make a difference. There are enough good, free (even if proprietary) alternatives to Sourcetree that _don't_ include an artificial dependency on the availability of a remote service, and _don't_ force complete vendor lock-in. You're on the right site to find those alternatives. Stay away from Sourcetree, _especially_ because it is, in principle, a well-made tool. If you decide to jump through all the superfluous hoops to get it to run at all, and end up liking it, you're just setting yourself up for future disappointment. You will get used to working with a tool that can be taken away from you again at a moment's notice.
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