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    I have been using various screenshot apps over many years, and keep going from one to another as I find one feature I really like in one application, but then find later that it really isn't worth switching completely over for that one thing. I have to admit, the one I keep coming back to is Snagit 10 (so not the latest version). It has so many great features and includes an editor that I rarely hear people speak of. The editor alone is fantastic for editing images. I find that Snagit 10 offers a great balance between getting just the right amount of features without the bloat-ware it feels like today. Recently, a friend suggested I try ScreenPresso. This is one of the few I hadn't tried, but thought, ah, why not... it'll be another adequate but ultimately disappointing ‘screenshotter.’ ScreenPresso is created by some very creative Parisians (you'll notice a few odd English translations, but nothing to be too disappointed about). They have managed to design a very impressive piece of software! I was absolutely amazed at the customization ability and the editing abilities of what you could do with a screenshot after it is taken. Very useful elements can be added to the image such as numbering, arrows, highlighting, and they all interact with each other as layered objects like a high-end image editor. They have a free version that is quite adequate for most people, and the pro/paid version is very slick for modern applications for screenshots. It was very reasonable in price if I recall correctly too. I noticed that they were constantly updating the software, keeping a blog of what they were doing and always adding improvements. The ONLY reason I haven't jumped ship from my older Snagit 10, was that it was ScreenPresso seemed to be missing some very simple (IMHO) things that Snagit just does beautifully. E.g. I love how Snagit crops images, without getting too finicky like many programs do, you can pull out the canvas and extend it or crop it back a bit the traditional way - very nice! I don't like having to drag out the crop tool to crop. I really like the way Snagit is able to be cropped in or out at any time. Maybe I made too much of a lengthy comment as to why I was uninstalling it for now, and perhaps I scared them off thinking I was complaining about just too much (because I never heard back from them, even though they seemed eager to hear of ways they could improve their product). The truth was though, that I believe they have a product that is so close to a perfect screenshot program, that my lengthy list of minor quibbles probably lost any amount of sense or clout that they ignored me as a likely potential customer. Truth be told, if a bunch of little things were tweaked and fixed, I wouldn't take much to switch over. In fact, I would highly recommend you give these clever French developers a chance, and at the very least try their free program. It's great. You might just end up buying the full program. I think they have a fantastic piece of software on their hands that not enough people know about... so now you know! Give it a try, and spread the word. For me, Snagit's days are numbered... ScreenPresso is very likely the best screenshot application on the horizon.
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    3 months ago