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If encryption is an issue, use encryption tools

Comment by CallumA
about RedNotebook and TrueCrypt · Jul 2013 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report as spam

RedNotebook stores your journal in a directory, in plain text. If you're concerned about someone gaining physical access to your computer, figuring out your passphrase (you have set a passphrase rather than just a weak password, haven't you?) and then finding your private journal, there are some very good encryption tools available for free. I'd recommend TrueCrypt, which basically simulates an extra hard drive that can only be accessed by a passphrase. Hope you all find this information helpful. :)


Note: Truecrypt is now defunct. Veracrypt is the more secure successor.
Also note: If you want to sync with encryption, check out Cryptomator (also open source)

If the concern is about others gaining access to your machine and snooping your journal files from RedNoteBook, step one is certainly encryption, but I'd also add that you can save the files to a cloud-based/off-site location too.
I've set friends up with RNB so it stored the files to their cloud locations (Google Drive, the Microsoft cloud thingy, heck even a protected folder on one particular friend's own webserver wasn't too far-fetched).
Of course, since you're basically storing the files to "a server somewhere on the internet" you're going to want to encrypt them first.
Oh, and saving to encrypted USB sticks works nicely as well, though if you ever lose your encryption key, you'll be no smarter than the idiot typing this reaction right here was about a year before typing this out :p
(Yes, that idiot being me, you got it...)

Comment by Ravi
about RedNotebook · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Lack of encryption or even a password on a personal diary/journal is a deal breaker. Might as well use a paper diary then. Encryption is possible on Linux at least, through encrypting folders, using PGP key etc, But even relatively simple and minimalist alternatives like Almanah and Lifeograph come with encryption, so why would one bother with RedNotebook at all?


Comment by Guilap
about RedNotebook · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Kinda promising diary/journal app, worth a try. User interface is a little confusing at first though.


Comment by dbojan
about RedNotebook · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

cloud like searching. notes separated by ------------------ lines.


Needs an Android app to go along with it

Comment by nickloussparks
about RedNotebook · Nov 2016 · Helpful Not helpful -2 Helpful Report as spam

I love this app. Its perfect for tracking what I do at work but I would love it even more if I could get it via Andoird app and sync the notes via dropbox..

Any suggestions?