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Quire Features

  1.  Kanban Board
  2.  Subtasks
  3.  Hierarchical Structure
  4.  Sync with Google Calendar
  5.  Works Offline
  6.  Recurring Tasks
  7.  Ad-free
  8.  Reminders
  9.  Real time collaboration
  10.  Gantt-charts
  11.  Cloud Sync
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  •   Updated Mar 28, 2024
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Quire was added to AlternativeTo by Vicky Pham on Jan 5, 2015 and this page was last updated Jul 24, 2023. Quire is sometimes referred to as quireio, quire.io.

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Top positive commentMay 4, 2015

Crazy but there are more than a hundred of task management tools on the market. Even more crazy we didn't find a right one for our team after trying/using a dozen of them.

With list-based tools, our tasks grew into a unmanageable long list. We kept losing important-but-less-emergent tasks until we searched hard for them. The board-based tools can't manage a lot of tasks well either. It is good for daily or weekly tasks, but many tasks in our project can take long to get done. Smartsheet is good at managing hierarchical list but too complicated to me -- probably because we don't need the resource planning and I'm not a spreadsheet guy.

Quire did a great job for managing the complicated hierarchical task tree with a super friendly UI. I really appreciate the way we can break down a big task into several manageable tasks. It works like a charm when we started rolling out our project, inviting colleagues and breaking down tasks.

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Top positive commentNov 4, 2018

I've been using Quire on a daily basis for about a month now. It has proven to be an amazing tool for breaking down big tasks into smaller manageable bits, focusing on current task and, most importantly, reducing the feeling of overwhelm. It has all the features you'd expect from a decent task manager, like having unlimited number of tasks and task levels, setting task priority and due date, etc. But it also has a number of extra features that make Quire stand out:

  • Clean interface. All you have in front of you is just the task tree (with optional task details panel) or Board view. The app was clearly designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. And most of the extra features you might need are one click (or key stroke) away.

  • Hotkeys. Super useful and very intuitive. You can add, delete, edit, move and navigate your tasks without touching your mouse\touchpad at all.

  • Zoom. If you need to focus on one particular subtask, just select it and hit 'Z'. This will 'zoom' into you task tree making selected task the new root, hiding everything else. You can easily 'zoom out' to any higher level of the tree using breadcrumbs at the top of the screen. Absolutely indispensable tool for maintaining sanity and staying focused when your task list is disgustingly huge and terrifying.

  • Markdown support. Sometimes task descriptions and comments can become quite big and messy, so having the power of Markdown to make things more structured and pretty is great. If you don't know Markdown, do yourself a favor and learn it. It's very simple, but extremely efficient way to format your texts.

  • Board view. Basically it's a Kanban board with arbitrary number of columns (statuses) that you can fill with tasks from your task list. A very nice tool for planning, task prioritization and monitoring.

  • It's free! For now, at least...

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Matthew Derrick
Top negative commentSep 12, 2021

The gantt chart is locked behind their paywall, so there's really no point in using this program when others like todoist exist.

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The gantt chart isn't locked in my free plan.

Reply written Oct 20, 2021

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Positive commentNov 4, 2021

Allows offline use for free, unlike many

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ReviewOct 5, 2021

It was amazing tool for last years but now they added payment plans and lots of limitations. That's fine to charge money for a good service but such price is valid for a full project-managing tool, not just todo-list as a Quire.

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ReviewAug 18, 2021

All-in-one systema to manage project, lists, ToDo,... Sadly poorly usable in europe business due to privacy (GDPR) not compliant (server in USA,...)

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Positive commentFeb 10, 2021

Totally free with many premium functions.

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