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Comment by possum
about 1Password · Apr 2020 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

1Password is my complete secure information manager. I have my passwords, secure files, app licenses, and even my family's social security info and my living will document.

It makes it easy to get to everything online as well as in an app. And if something goes wrong in my life, all I have to do is give my password to one person and they can get to everything I have and take care of my accounts and files.


Comment by nee
about 1Password · Dec 2019 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

they are in it for the long haul; they're a real company not a fly-by-night. great software, integrates with just about everything


Comment by devdaze
about 1Password · Jul 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I have tried Dashlane (Free and Paid account) , LastPass (Free and Paid account), and 1Password (Free and Paid account) and 1Password is hands down the absolute best.


Comment by phillat5dock
about 1Password · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

This is a superb piece of software. I just cant believe that I have the app that is was looking for that surpasses all my expectations. I wanted something that would allow my to use the hundred or so Secure Notes I keep in my Keychain account in Windows in BootCamp. Not only does 1Password do this, but it also keeps track of the serial numbers of my software on both platforms as well as all the passwords I use all over the net. And then if I get an iPhone or Android it will synk with them too. AND, the security is as good, if not better than Mac OS X keychain. What is more the interface is terrific. I first tried it on Windows and was very impressed so then switched to Mac OS and was blown away. I was able to import my keychain, software licence details from License Keeper and more.



Comment by mandin82
about 1Password · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I just bought the windows app. I couldn't be happier with it. It clearly resembles being based on a Mac app, since the user interface is really nice and the app altogether feels very polished. It integrates with Firefox quite easily and personally I prefer it over Lastpass (haven't tried RoboForm).


Comment by Ola
about 1Password · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Isn't there anything for Windows that is better then RoboForm or KeePass. I don't like either of them ..


Although it's a great-looking app, I have had several annoyances which are encouraging me to go back to LastPass.
First of all, 1Password only supports Mac (& Windows). If you have Linux and use Dropbox, you can only read, not update the password vault.
The second complaint is that if you're a paying user of the "Web Store" version (bought off AgileBits webpage), then you are out of luck when it comes to iCloud Drive and CloudKit support. So basically you're stuck with Dropbox for syncing. Dropbox syncing is not always ideal for several reasons. Being locked out of an alternative just because you purchased the app from the "wrong" place is more than annoying, it's unconscionable. I think they have their reasons for forking their userbase, but effectively it means that the product you purchased /from their website/ is incomplete and broken. They may reverse this decision, but it may be too late for some customers.

The app is pretty nice-looking as compared to the competitors, but I find the actual usage to be cumbersome.

The app extensions for browsers aren't very elegant, you have to right-click to activate it and bring up a sub-menu. It's cumbersome and clunky at best.

In an effort to increase security, the password vault locks constantly. So every time you go to use it, it's locked, meaning you have to type your vault password constantly. On a mobile device or laptop, I can see why this is necessary, but in your own home, it's cumbersome.

Once unlocked, and the password you want copied (also takes several clicks), the app sub-menu is still "active" so even though it looks like you're still clicked into the password entry field, you're not. You get a nice system error beep when you try to Command + V (or ctrl + v) to paste the password in. Back to the mouse, then click the password entry field in the web page, and then paste. Yet again, more clicks.

The nice thing about LastPass is it integrates with the browser much more fully-- it performs autotype reasonably well, and there's no clicking back and forth and hunting for sub menus. It also supports browsers on linux fully.

It may not be as pretty, but right now LastPass is my password manager of choice. After the iCloud web store and mac app store version forking, I don't think I'll darken AgileBits doorstep ever again.