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Comment by JohnFastman
about Bitwarden · Jun 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 28 Helpful Report as spam

Much better than LastPass: Open source and, unlike LastPass, it encrypts your web addresses, which means it cannot track which websites you have accounts with or when you login to them. Not the best password manager in the world, but leaps and bounds better than Lastpass, 1Password and Dashlane from a privacy point-of-view.


Comment by rakara
about Bitwarden · Jan 2019 · Helpful Not helpful 20 Helpful Report as spam

As of late, Bitwarden had Google Analytics baked in and turned on by default. A Github member realized it and mentioned it on privacytoolsIO. In turn, they removed it from their recommended programs list. Afterward, Bitwarden's developer removed Analytics from the software


Comment by Risei
about Bitwarden · Feb 2020 · Helpful Not helpful 5 Helpful Report as spam

Self-hosted and syncs between all my devices, what more could you ask for!


Comment by Horizon
about Bitwarden · Dec 2018 · Helpful Not helpful 6 Helpful Report as spam

Bitwarden seems to have pretty good security as they only sync encrypted data. 2FA makes sure that no one except you can access the data online.

However, I don't think that 2FA is used to encrypt the data. Therefore, if the server was hacked and the data was leaked, then the encrypted data could be brute forced. This purely then depends on how strong your password is, so make sure your Bitwarden password is very strong.

Finally, someone could potentially hack the server and change some of the front end JS, perhaps breaking the end-to-end encryption. This could leak passwords. But you do have the option of hosting it on your own server, then you'd have to worry about making sure your server is secure, but at least the benefits of someone hacking just you aren't as good as hacking the entire platform.


Comment by Guest
about Bitwarden · May 2020 · Report as spam

Simple, Multi plataform and Safe