Privacy and Security

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  1. Desktop OS

    Don't use Windows, MacOS, or Chrome OS. None of them are open source and all of them are loaded with spywa

  2. Qubes OS icon

    Qubes is an open source operating system designed to provide strong security for desktop computing.

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    Qubes OS screenshot 1
  3. Whonix icon

    Whonix is a desktop operating system designed for advanced security and privacy. Whonix mitigates the threat of common attack vectors while maintaining usability. Online anonymity is realized via fail-safe, automatic, and desktop-wide use of the Tor network.

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    Whonix Desktop Environment
  4. Void Linux icon

    Void is a general purpose operating system, based on the monolithic Linux® kernel. Its package system allows you to quickly install, update and remove software; software is provided in binary packages or can be built directly from sources with the help of the XBPS source...

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    Void's desktops: XFCE, Enlightenment and MATE
  5. Mobile Apps

    Stay away from mobile devices as much as possible. Do not use iOS. If you can, install a custom OS like GrapheneOS or LineageOS. Otherwise use the stock OS and keep it minimal, only using it for what cannot be done on a computer.

  6. F-Droid icon

    The F-Droid Repository is an easily-installable catalogue of free and open source apps for Android. With F-Droid, it's easy to browse and install apps on your device, and keep track of updates. You can also browse the repository with a web browser, and download the app...

    • App Store
    • FreeOpen Source
    • Online
    • Android
    • Android Tablet
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    F-Droid screenshot 1
    F-Droid screenshot 2
    F-Droid screenshot 3
  7. SuperFreezZ icon

    Android app making it possible to entirely freeze all background activities of any app.

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    SuperFreezZ screenshot 1
    SuperFreezZ screenshot 2
    SuperFreezZ screenshot 3
  8. PilferShush Jammer icon

    Features a passive jammer technique that engages the microphone thereby blocking other apps from using it. But does NOT listen to or record any of the audio from the microphone. It uses 0% CPU and no noticeable battery use.

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    PilferShush Jammer screenshot 1
    PilferShush Jammer screenshot 2
    PilferShush Jammer screenshot 3
  9. NetGuard icon

    NetGuard provides simple and advanced ways to block access to the internet - no root required.

    • Firewall
    • FreemiumOpen Source
    • Android
    • Android Tablet
    • F-Droid
    • ...
    NetGuard screenshot 1
    NetGuard screenshot 2
    NetGuard screenshot 3
  10. Browser

    Avoid Chromium-based browsers and disable or remove DRM, WebRTC, and Javascript.

  11. Tor Browser icon

    The Tor software protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, it prevents the sites you visit from learning...

    • Web Browser
    • FreeOpen Source
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Android
    • OpenBSD
    • ...
    Tor Browser screenshot 1
  12. GNU IceCat icon

    Latest version is still 60.7 as of November 2020. Void Linux does have an updated version in it's repositories, but users of other distros should just stick with Tor Browser instead.

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    GNU IceCat screenshot 1
  13. uBlock Origin icon

    Use this to block Javascript on a per-site basis

    • Ad Blocker
    • FreeOpen Source
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Vivaldi Browser
    • Google Chrome
    • Pale Moon
    • Thunderbird
    • Opera
    • Node.JS
    • Chromium
    • Firefox
    • ...
    uBlock Origin screenshot 1
  14. Messenger

  15. XMPP icon

    is the open standard for messaging and presence. XMPP powers emerging technologies like IoT, WebRTC, and social.

    • Instant Messenger
    • FreeOpen Source
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Online
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Windows Phone
    • Self-Hosted
    • ...
  16. Email

    Do not use ProtonMail or Tutanota because they require you to use their JavaScript webmail. If you can, self-host your email. Otherwise use Disroot (free) or Posteo (paid).

  17. Claws Mail icon

    Claws Mail is an email client (and news reader), based on GTK+, featuring

    Quick response Graceful, and sophisticated interface Easy configuration, intuitive operation Abundant features Extensibility Robustness and stability.

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    The main window
  18. GnuPG icon

    GnuPG allows to encrypt and sign your data and communication, features a versatile key management system as well as access modules for all kinds of public key directories. GnuPG, also known as GPG, is a command line tool with features for easy integration with other applications.

    • FreeOpen Source
    • Mac
    • Linux
    • Xfce
    • OpenPGP
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    GnuPG Shell running GnuPG on Windows
  19. Other Software

  20. Tor icon

    Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

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    Tor screenshot 1
  21. VeraCrypt icon

    Use to encrypt hard drives and usb drives

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  22. Firejail icon

    Firejail is a SUID security sandbox program that reduces the risk of security breaches by restricting the running environment of untrusted applications using Linux namespaces and seccomp-bpf.

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    Firetools: sandbox launcher and statistics
  23. pass icon

    Pass is the standard unix password manager, a lightweight password manager that uses GnuPG and Git for Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X. With pass, each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose filename is...

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  24. rsync icon

    rsync is a software application for Unix which synchronizes files and directories from one location to another while minimizing data transfer using delta encoding when appropriate. An important feature of rsync not found in most similar programs/protocols is that the mirroring...

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    First of 3127 lines of Manual pages
  25. Searx icon

    Searx is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. Users are neither tracked nor profiled. Additionally, searx can be used over Tor for online anonymity.

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    Searx screenshot 1
  26. QEMU icon

    Use to run virtual machines to compartmentalize. Virt-Manager is a graphical frontend for this.

    • ...
    QEMU  with the free OS ReactOS

Things to avoid:

  • VPNs - they do not provide any anonymity or security and in many cases are worse than not using anything at all. If you must, use Mullvad, but Tor is recommended.
  • Any Social Media - just no
  • Cloud Storage - store everything locally and use USB drives for backups
  • Any Antivirus software - they are all bloated and scare you into buying their premium products.

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