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Encrypted volume wizard. Step 1.
Encrypted volume wizard. Step 3.
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Main user interface
Mount Wizard. Step 1.
Mount Wizard. Step 2.
Mounted drives
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VeraCrypt Features

  1.  PortableVeraCrypt can be used from a USB stick or similar with no prior installation.
  2.  Privacy focusedVeraCrypt is considered a privacy friendly alternative.

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  • Comes in both GUI and command line
  • Fast navigation
  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Various encryption methods
  • Strong encryption
  • Can encrypt storage devices


  • On Windows, password limit is set to 100 characters, but on Linux is set to 64. If you are going to use VeraCrypt on Windows and Linux, make sure you set your password to 64 characters or less otherwise you will not be able to mount.

Have used it on Windows and Linux systems and have worked flawlessly.

10/10 would recommend!

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Cross Nastasi
Top positive comment

Works near flawlessly and turns your storage devices into virtual fort Noxes

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Positive comment

Free, open-source, intuitive... I don't know what else to say.

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Positive comment

Trustable, multiplatform, you can choose between multiple enryption methods at volume creation. Encryption is strengthened with user-generated random data. Compatible with older TrueCrypt volumes.

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Not reliable. I lost access to my data twice using this software, once using a pendrive and once using a .vhdx file.

Using the hidden vault feature, right off the bat it would refuse to decrypt the volume some times. Two weeks later it just stopped decrypting it altogether, I'd type the password and it would not find anything there.

You're better off with Bitlocker or LVM, hands down the best and most reliable encryption tools, never had an issue with either.

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The usability of Veracrypt with an encrypted volume on a pendrive depends on the pendrive's and the USB socket's speed + the software environment and the cpu load during encryption. But the most probable cause of data loss could be bad sectors on the physical drive. Turning off any write buffering on the USB can prevent such damages. If you created an encrypted volume in a .vhdx file, it was probably a virtual hard disk in an emulated OS. That's kind of extreme usage, although VC should work in most of the cases, it depends on the compatiblity with the virtualized OS. If you install and run Windows or a Linux in virtual environment, it's more probable that Bitlocker or LVM will also produce more errors than normally. When creating a hidden volume, you should be aware that ANY changes in the (also encrypted) host drive's content can overwrite part of the hidden volume's data, and changes can also be made by the OS or antivirus software automatically (while the host volume is mounted). Don't use NTFS for the host drive, use FAT32 of exFAT instead and turn off any content indexing or virus scan for the drive. Also try to remove any OS-handled folders, like 'System Volume Information' from the drive. Removing any other users' (even the system profiles) access rights from the drive can be an ultimate solution.

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Positive comment
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Open source, easy to use, has benchmark and some security tools, available on many platforms.

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You can chose keyfiles and encryption parameters (It let you chose algorithms( AES/Twofish/Serpent/Camellia/Kuznyechik/Combination of multiple of them), hash functions and number of iterations).

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