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Apps with 'Live Meeting' feature

  1. Writer has all the features you need from a modern, full-featured word processing or desktop publishing tool.

  2. Jitsi Desktop (previously SIP Communicator) is a legacy audio/video and chat communicator with full encryption, precedessor of Jitsi Meet .


    Jitsi Desktop is not actively developed anymore: last version, released in October 2017, can be still downloaded from GitHub. Its successor is Jitsi Meet

  3. Conceptboard goes beyond the idea of online whiteboards and adds realtime collaboration, document sharing, visual feedback, task management, live meetings and more.

  4. Moxtra provides cloud-based project binders for managing, presenting and sharing your projects/events/parties/trip... from your iPhone/iPad.

  5. SalesHandy is sales engagement platform. It provides email tracking, mail merge, document tracking & email scheduling. It allows user to send mass personalized email using mail merge, from gmail or their own SMTP servers.

  6. Finally. Software that eliminates the headaches Project Managers have when it comes to managing their team and all the things they need to get done! Since it's built by Project Managers, it will dramatically slash stress & overload from your team.

  7. A complete platform for self-organization especially designed for Holacracy practitioners that includes roles management, projects and actions, tactical and governance meetings, and offers many integrations.

  8. Tragofone - a white-label softphone backed by WebRTC and auto-provisioning is a perfect choice to maintain uninterrupted business communication anywhere, anytime.

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