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Apps with 'Comment section' feature

  1. YouTube is a video-sharing website, the site allows users to upload, view, and share videos.
  2. PeerTube is a free, decentralized and federated video platform developed as an alternative to other platforms that centralize our data and attention, such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo.

  3. Hacker News is a social news website that caters to programmers and entrepreneurs, delivering content related to computer science and entrepreneurship.
  4. Ratings, reviews, discussions, recommendations, lists for all media genres: music, movies, tv shows, books, video games, and podcasts. Like IMDb or Goodreads, but with more media types. Join ratehouse to consolidate your entertainment and art interests.
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    Front is the first email management software for teams that integrates with the tools you already use. With Front, you can assign messages to teammates, write comments for internal collaboration or set reminders to respond later.
  5. Shadertoy is the first application to allow developers all over the globe to push pixels from code to screen using WebGL since 2009.
  6. LinkLonk is place to find content that is worth your time. By rating content you connect to users that share your interests.
  7. Gab Trends is the first people-powered newsroom. Using data from Gab’s free speech software products, Gab Trends provides a realtime pulse on what the internet is discussing right now.
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    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    ReplyBox is a simple, privacy-focused comment system that's light-weight and blazingly-fast.
  8. Uplive - Live it UP! Focuses on establishing an international Live Platform, which is a talent agency of instant online celebrities, gamers, and models with special background. All involving the best content creation and top video hosting resources.
  9. Veto is an open content sharing platform, built from the ground up to support the upload, download and viewing of video, audio and photography content. Intended to be a simplistic, yet a powerful platform, where you can share not just videos but audio files and images.
  10. Track, discover, share and watch ad-free full definition anime with YugenAnime all for free with reviews, profiles, personalized settings and many more!.
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  11. Cactus Comments is a federated comment system for the web, based on the Matrix protocol. The system is easily embedded, respects you and your users privacy and is completely free and open source.
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