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    • thiagolauter thinks LBRY is an alternative to YouTube
      3 days ago
    • ma
      maxer137 Upvoted a comment on YouTube
      I am forced to use YouTube because it has no real competitor. All of the channels I subscribe to are exclusively there rendering other platforms useless. It having practically no competitors brings many issues. For example, censorship, long ads on every video, extensive integration with Google. If the channels I followed switch, I would too. But there is only one problem: Switch to what?
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      6 days ago
    • chaitanyabd Upvoted a comment on YouTube
      I use youtube because its where all the videos are, not because it is good. They delete peoples accounts and videos for no reason, and removed features like rating videos by stars. google has ruined this site with ads and censorship. People need to move to other platforms away from youtube and someone should create a search engine that specializes searches for videos thats not google, and finds videos so uploaders who don't use youtube can be found.
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      17 days ago