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BitChute Features

  1.  DecentralizedBitChute is based on a decentralized infrastructure with no single entity controlling it.
  2.  Ad-freeBitChute doesn't contain any form of external advertising.
  3.  Dark ModeBitChute supports dark mode for comfortable usage in low light conditions.

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Top positive comment

BitChute has a phenomenal community and incredible potential but currently has a few serious drawbacks.

BitChute intends to become YouTube without censorship protected in part by including decentralized bittorrent functionality. (The BitChute website as a single internet location will remain centralized until everyone can somehow be part-co-host, like FreeNet or ZeroNet. This is a "decentralization" myth/flaw/oversight shared with countless other sites that claim to be free, like Steemit, Gab, InfoGalactic, etc.) Unfortunately the torrent magnets are not on every video, and sadly when in your torrent que mostly remain not seeded nor downloaded. This could easily be fixed if, in addition to their YouTube-style playback, BitChute seeded all their videos too. When the torrents are absent or unseeded you are forced to watch the videos on their site and//or use a browser flash downloader to save for your archive. Also, naming option settings for the video magnet torrents is absolutely necessary. Currently you download a video file with a short video ID alphanumeric coded name, rather than a good title including useful descriptors like where it came from (BitChute), the author/channel/publisher, the name of the file/video/title, the date, and other details such as the short alphanumeric code, the video resolution, audio compression, and/or the time length.

If BitChute were really serious about being successful, in addition to fixing the torrent issues mentioned, they'd open source the project, have a forum and/or wiki for developers and users, encourage mirrored host sites, embed a crypto currency and/or rewards system (which is actually in the works), social network cross integrations, and I'm sure countless other things other people will want or may offer.

[Edited by jasoncarswell, October 24]

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Top positive comment

I watch all my channels on BitChute now, many are migrating there. It's a high-quality stream, very convenient, and not nearly as annoying as the competition.

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random name
Top negative comment

ok here are my credentials 9 years of almost daily video uploading to sites such as YouTube, , trutube and bitchute about 800 video uploads to bitchute since February many years experience of the ((( Disqus ))) comments platform

Pros , so far at least my videos have remained

Cons no customer service of any type , emails all go unanswered impersonation, stalking and harassment is rife, no moderation even though all disqus accounts give tools extreme violent Nazi comments allowed by organised state sponsored trolls ( anti semitic BS allowed because its part of an agenda ) very small audience , 1% of YouTube ( if that ) narrow focus on so called alt right and ((( Nazi))) style content use of Disqus platform ( owned by Zeta Global prop David Steinberg) gang stalking allowed name squatting allowed violent threats allowed i suggest that Ray Vahey ( who doesnt seem to care that his name was used to send me abusive ((( kike))) comments is in this for the money no attempt is made to enforce the terms and conditions of bitchute that do not allow certain things ( but allow it all) very few honest and decent people frequent that platform ( almost all comments are by trolls and abuse accounts , Jews pretending to be Nazis calling me a Kike etc ) bitchute will not tell you who is subcribed to your channel ( why not) channel subscribing des nothing, you have to click twice to get a notification ( idiotic) bitchute created disqus accunts have NO privacy features so you cannot make your content private

respectful attempts t discuss issues with Vahey or one of his team get nowhere and god knows I tried , emailed them dozens of times , they are as bloody useless as a chocolate tea point or a petr filled fire extinguisher

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random name

oh and i forgot to mention the diabolical ' search engine' that gives ridiculous results , almost all my videos cannot be found , yet bitchute think they are qualified to get a legitimate comments system opeartional when they cant even sort their rubbish ' search' engine

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Tiger Taurus

BitChute replaced Disqus with its own "speakfreely" commenting system just a few days ago. Hooray! Speakfreely has a few little kinks that need to be worked out, but even with the bugs it's still far better than Disqus, which engages in data harvesting and shadowbanning.

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Negative comment

Just seeing the title of some videos burnt my brain cell.

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Negative comment

alt-right echo chamber, youtube has censorship for a reason

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Negative comment

Literally all I saw when I checked it out in 2022 was bible content, conspiracy theories about ritualized sex abuse in DC, (fake looking) Nazi blah blah, ancient aliens, and the like. No way I'm uploading over there, my viewers would think I'm a nut. Maybe that is just a side effect of being the only place these people can post videos? While I am a free speech absolutist, none of my viewers are going to want to see this content next to my own, so for me it is unusable.

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Positive comment

it is so cool to use

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