PeerTube is a free, decentralized and federated video platform developed as an alternative to other platforms that centralize our data and attention, such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. But one organization hosting PeerTube alone may not have enough money to pay for bandwidth and video storage of its servers, all servers of PeerTube are interoperable as a federated network, and non-PeerTube servers can be part of the larger Vidiverse (federated video network) by talking our implementation of ActivityPub. Video load is reduced thanks to P2P (BitTorrent) in the web browser via WebTorrent.

Video streaming
Just upload your videos, and be sure they will stream anywhere. Add a description, some tags and your video will be discoverable by the entire video fediverse, not just your instance. You can even embed a player on your favorite website!

Keep in touch with video creators
Follow your favorite channels from PeerTube or really any other place. No need to have an account on the instance you watched a video to follow its author, you can do all of that from the Fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma…), or just with RSS.

An interface to call home
Be it as a user or an instance administrator, you can decide what your experience will be like. Don't like the colors? They are easy to change. Don't want to list videos of an instance but let your users subscribe to them? Don't like the regular web client? All of that can be changed, and much more. No UX dark pattern, no mining your data, no video recommendation bullshit.

Communities that help each other
In addition to visitors using WebTorrent to share the load among them, instances can help each other by caching one another's videos. This way even small instances have a way to show content to a wider audience, as they will be shouldered by friend instances. Content creators can get help from their viewers in the simplest way possible: a support button showing a message linking to their donation accounts or really anything else.



Supported Platforms

Online Self-Hosted

Links to official PeerTube sites

Official Website    GitHub


Support for ActivityPub Ad-free Comment section Decentralisation Decentralized Federated Federated Cloud Fediverse Free Speech GNU/linux-libre Support for HD videos HTTPS Support Peer-To-Peer Support for SD videos Video Sharing Video streaming Support for WebTorrent Add a feature


File Sharing Video & Movies




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PeerTube is currently in alpha and will be beta in March. It is free software, decentralized, shared and based on the principle of instance. Indeed, everyone can create his own instance and share his...

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This program will never be popular! Personally, I do not want to install extra scripts on my PC! I do not like in principle - federalization! (no one and no one answers!) You will not be able to draw...

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