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I use youtube because its where all the videos are, not because it is good. They delete peoples accounts and videos for no reason, and removed features like rating videos by stars. google has ruined this site with ads and censorship. People need to move to other platforms away from youtube and someone should create a search engine that specializes searches for videos thats not google, and finds videos so uploaders who don't use youtube can be found.


How do you say they do it with no reason?

for no reason I mean. There is no edit reply button.

It's kind of realtiy..

Deviated: Here is an example of someone trying to revert YouTube demonetizing and soft-censoring one of their videos that criticized of one of Australia's new laws:

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  • Good looking
  • Has a lot of videos to watch
  • Playlists have a lot of features
    +The Creator Studio is good I guess
  • Broken copyright system, that violates the fair use law most of the time
  • Worse, choppier and less customizable layout than before
  • Doesn't respect its creators
  • It's automatically controlled by robots and not actual humans
  • Demonetization everywhere
  • Fake companies can claim your videos and get money from them without any trouble
  • Videos that actually violate Youtube's community guidelines stay up most of them time (a video with extreme violence was in the trending page recently)
  • Subscriptions and notification bells don't work properly
  • The PM feature is still there, even though it doesn't work properly
  • Some features seem to be "newer and smoother" (even though they aren't) and some seem to be older and even choppier
  • Youtube will activate a new system for when you search for "sensitive keywords". Apperantly, according to their blog, they'll be redirecting you to their special playlist with safe videos. Here's what the blog article says: "When people search for sensitive keywords on YouTube, they will be redirected towards a playlist of curated YouTube videos that directly confront and debunk violent extremist messages."

In my opinion, you shouldn't be using Youtube, neither as a content creator or a viewer. Youtube is only good because of the content it has, but most of its good creators are on Vidme now. Only the music industry isn't on Vidme yet.

1/5 It used to be good, but now it's not.


Now that Vidme is dead, there's still hope for a YT alternative. I personally am excited for Bitchute and D.Tube, for their use of BitTorrent and blockchain technology respectively. Both platforms are extremely promising, in my opinion, Bitchute more so. We need to diversify!

Google+ Videos

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A huge gripe here.
But such an epic video hosting and sharing website has been ruined with unneeded and complex G+ Account integration for no benefit.

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Did you know that google is family-friendly now? Seriously!


Use adblockers on it! They will love it!


Adblocker should be used most of the time.
Especially if you're watching a Youtube Spotlight video.

Why we are so controlled by youtube.. if it's a mess then we should simply unistall it from our cells and use something else.. we are slaves!

Lot's of learning Videos

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I found some of the best learning videos on youtube. Things that I couldn't learn in university. That's why I don't use the word education, because academic teaching is filled with learning useless things. Here like some places of the Internet only the things that I need come right under my fingers.



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Ive been using this site since the begining, it has changed so much for the best but Flash is horribleI wish this could go full HTML5 someday.

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Waaaaaaaay too much censorship. Awful. YouTube also has a strong liberal bias.

Which doesn't surprise me since YouTube is based in liberal San Francisco.

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I'm not really a big fan of YouTube constantly making changes to its interface and Creator Studio. Its stance on free speech is also a huge deterrent towards anyone making political videos, especially if they are ideas that the people at YouTube don't agree with. Example: Patrick Little kicked out of CA GOP convention.

Anyone remember that YouTube Heroes thing that they attempted to implement, but got downvoted into oblivion?

At this point, the only thing that's really holding YouTube afloat is the massive amounts of good content on the website.

EDIT: RIP annotations. Now that it's been mentioned on AlternativeTo's front page to be disappearing soon, I can fondly look back at the remnants of what was once a great and homely video streaming website before they are finally stripped away. I'm gonna be honest; I really liked videos that had spamming of annotations by random people. Chaos is fun. Those kinds of videos are much harder to come across these days.

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love yuotube! )

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I will no longer enslave myself to the Google machine, it's tiring to hear how many channels are being demonetized or banned entirely for "hate" speech. Who gave Google permission to abitrarily draw lines around what is considered hateful. They are a company who is known to have a bias against conservatives, which this bias has caused a few Google employees to lose their jobs for it.

YouTube is no longer for the creators, it is for the corporations and a leftist safe space. I will be remaining on YouTube for as long as I can, but I will now rather use the alternatives like PeerTube, Bitchute, or Invidious

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One of those things that's only popular because it's popular. Sure, there's a ton of content, but most of it is braindead clickbait trash. One of my favorite creators got locked out for months because of a goofy video he did joking that there were zombies outside his house, and there were guns shown in the video.

YT has become ridiculously heavy handed with censorship, IF, and that's a hell of an have any viewpoint coming anywhere close to conservative. Yet videos targeted towards pedo trash are abundant. Elsagate is a thing, and it is disgusting.

Meanwhile, there are promoted channels that keep getting into my recommendations over and over although I've given feedback countless times that I'm not interested. For the ten thousandth time, YouTube, I'm not interested in John Oliver. You pushing an agenda or something?

Compensation and revenue for creators has become increasingly restricted. It's all pretty insane at this point.

Much like in life, I'm waiting for the inevitable collapse so I can kick back and laugh.

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Best video sharing platform out there, hands down. Yes, all the ads and clickbait titles can get annoying but other than that, you can truly find anything and everything on youtube.

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Cause you can watch whatever you want

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YouTube seems to be increasingly buggy under Firefox and it is the only site that makes me feel that way. I hope that Google improves its site before improving ContentID. The only reason that I remain on this platform is that most videomakers only use YouTube.
I don't have the habit of misjudging a site or application but this situation is alarming.