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Comment by webinfonix
about TreeDBNotes · Aug 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Many useful functions for free software. I like table editor in this program. I wait for the new free version 4.


Comment by dpaner
about TreeDBNotes · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I'm trying to like it myself, though I'm finding that I just can't warm up to using it at a business level. Part of it is that the UI is not only complex, but also it's somewhat rough. It's functional, no question, but it isn't exactly easy on the eyes and some of the more common options, like deleting notes, is found in context menus without obvious shortcuts.

Another part of my hesitance to go full forward is that it really tries to do everything you might want it to do. And - it seems to do most things fairly well, but like the ol' expression goes: "jack of all trades, master of none", you won't find it to be best-of-breed in any one area.

Very capable tool. Probably more stuff in it than you'll use. It doesn't feel like a vibrant, growing product; probably because it's been built out as much as it has.

Give it a test drive - it's free...


Hi dpaner, thanks for the review,I didn't mind what you said about the jack of all, kinda what I was looking for so I did give it a test drive as suggested. Just wanted to say, your comment about "...more common options, like deleting notes, is found in context menus without obvious shortcuts." Yeah, you are right. BUT to my relief I found it has a customisable toolbar set up. I'm going to write a review and I'll point this out because it was one of the things that put me off at on first try.

i have treedbnotes 4.25 in to computers in my office what i want to know is how can i synchronize the two of them so they always have the same info? someone help