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    Home page is gone. In Sep-2019 I wanted to trial \[TreeDBNotes\] but discovered all links from the home page were dead. Could not be found (timed out) Today those URLs land on »» Can not connect to database. Please check you DB settings. One vendor has persisted with a PORTABLE dLoad. There never was a portable edition. Portable required installing PRO and then creating a portable edition. I wanted a portable edition and could not see the point in installing to create a portable ... ? You cannot pay for TreeDBNotes, because the devrs link results is... »» Can not connect to database. Please check you(r) DB settings. There is no Free edition either, it was not available in Sep-2015, nor can I find any trace now. There are dLoads of PRO from softpedia but no guarantee when a trial period finishes that TreeDBNotes will continue to work. Last update was in 2015. (20-May-2021)
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    7 months ago
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