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Raspberry Pi OS was added to AlternativeTo by cpfotiadis on and this page was last updated . Raspberry Pi OS is sometimes referred to as Raspbian.

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The best OS for the best SOC in support terms, not all is raw power and hardware, software is also very important and the rpi foundation is the only one making a cheap arm soc that is actually usable with their optimized OS

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update > bricks OS > bricks SD card This is a nightmare. It is just incredible how janky Debian in general is, but Raspbian is truly another level of suffering. Unless you back up (clone) the entire OS install daily, just forget this worthless mess of an OS. It does not function reliably enough for anything but a one-time screw-around with Retroarch. And even if it did, updating it may brick the data device. That's how bad this thing is; just updating it can destroy hardware. I cannot express how much I regret spending any time at all on this, truly you could not offer me any amount of money to tolerate how badly made this is ever again. It's like all of the development time went into making every single design decision for every single component of this software as excruciating as possible to interact with. It's even really little things, like how in the imager the manufacturer provides to flash this OS, you cannot double click to select text for configuration - you have to shift+arrow. Why? Because f**k the end user, that's why. I HATE THIS OS. I'm not some total noob when it comes to less-than-stellar software either; I know my way around Manjaro, Ubuntu & Fedora. This, though - cancer in every way & designed by sadists specifically to punish you for their pleasure. Thankfully, since the Raspberry people have a super inflated ego, they overprice the hell out of their pathetic ARM toys. As a result, competitor products with a real x86 CPU are CHEAPER now. So use one of those and never have to tolerate this TRUE TRASH in your life. Update: just tried this again since it has been some time. Nope, even worse than before - just mounting a hard drive to a folder can totally brick the entire SD card. Why? Raspberry Pi team, that's why! These people couldn't figure out a relay let alone an entire SBC.

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Negative comment

All versions of Raspbian are quite slow in updating even the most important packages. Not good for my usage. Might be good for you...

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