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Comment by HnauHnakrapunt
about Peppermint OS · Jun 2019 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Windows user-friendly, most things can be done with GUI
Linux Mint solutions but less complicated, introducing changes
Making it possible to use both offline and online apps

Quite a new distro, so it is hard to predict how it will be developed in the future

Comment by HnauHnakrapunt
about Peppermint OS · Jun 2019 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Fixes the main trouble with CloudReady, namely the necessity to stay online all the time and little possibility to add standard off-line apps. And keeps the good part of it - smooth work with online apps and simple interface.

Comment by MD98SY
about Peppermint OS · Jan 2019 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

What makes Peppermint so unique is the brilliant design philosophy that emphasizes on making the most out of the different Linux Desktop Environments out there, so it uses a hybrid DE that is mainly XFCE but replaces lots of components with ones from LXDE and copies few others from Cinnamon and Gnome.
Another great distinctive feature about Peppermint is their focus on making Web-based apps so easy and comprehensive; utilizing a tool named Ice SSB that creates an executable-like shortcut for any online web application, pretty much like Chrome OS's approach of implementing their cloud based apps in a native-looking environment for simplifying things and the convenience of users who are mostly dependent on the internet and live in the browser most of their time. Thus, you will find Peppermint mentioned many time as an alternative to Chrome OS. Here, however, people shouldn't think of Peppermint as merely a direct competent to Chrome OS, as matter of fact, Peppermint provides plenty of locally pre-installed offline Linux softwares, just like any other daily usable Linux distro.