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Paymo Features

  1.  Kanban BoardPaymo allows you to organize your workflow by moving cards with drag-and-drop functionality between multiple columns.
  2.  Task Time TrackingKeep a record of time spent on a task with Paymo.
  3.  Gantt-chartsPaymo allows you to visualize your project plan through a timeline with schedule bars and keep track of the work done.
  4.  SubtasksPaymo allows you to create and manage tasks inside of a parent-main task.
  5.  Support for multiple currenciesPaymo allows you to use more than one currency.
  6.  Recurring BillingPaymo lets you set, track or charge scheduled payments at custom or predefined intervals to a product or service.
  7.  Sync with Google CalendarPaymo can be synchronized with Google Calendar
  8.  Recurring TasksPaymo supports scheduling a task to recur at any frequency, such as daily or weekly.
  9.  File VersioningPaymo has a version system that lets you view and go back to older versions of the project/file/document.
  10.  Real time collaborationMultiple users can work together in Paymo simultaneously.
  11.  Pomodoro TimerPractice the Pomodoro Technique in Paymo to stay focused and productive.
  12.  RemindersPaymo allows you to set reminders for tasks, events or actions, based on parameters of time, place or condition.
  13.  Annotate ScreenshotEdit and annotate a screenshot with various editing tools and options.
  14.  Calendar ViewPaymo has a built-in calendar view to have a clear overview of your content over time.

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Top positive comment

In our digital agency, ONLINE TORO consulting, we chose as management app paymo and we are very satisfied. We needed a way to accurately track the time we spent on client projects. Paymo is a great helper for tracking time. This app is easy to use and accurate time tracking. I can say that paymo is a great indicator of our work for our clients. I recommend everyone who needs to improve their time management.

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Top positive comment

We've been with Paymo for 3 months so far but the results have already showed up. We mainly use the progress board for segmenting our work in phases and identyfing bottlenecks before it's too late (columns get to be crowded at the implementation phase). Without it it would be impossible to visualize our workflow.

The scheduler is also something that we use in order to establish the work capacity of each member. We can see who's overbooked or not and determine how to allocate them in the most efficient way, without burdening the whole team. Overall, would recommend it for any kind of creative team that needs to visualize their workflow and not spend too much time doing administrative work!

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Positive comment

great UI, easy to use - packed with features at a decent price

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Positive comment

The thing with Paymo at this website is there is no alternative to Paymo. This tool has been delivering consistently for so many years for us did there is no alternative to it. Keep rocking guy at Paymo!

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Jacob Kossman
Positive comment

Solid app for contractors and employers to track time spent on various tasks. Being able to add manual time blocks if you forget to start it as well as idle time if you forget to turn it off. Would be nice to be able to search by task name instead of just project (if you're unsure which project a specific task is in) but besides that a nice program. Native app for macOS is nice so you can close the website and still track.

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Positive comment

Hey, everyone, I use Paymo already for 2 months and I find the application is useful for me. It absolutely suits me as to a freelancer and I see it's ideal for small and middle projects. The only thing I should do manually is the profit calculation. I think It can be crucial in case of a huge number of projects in parallel. It costs its own money for sure. I recommend this app to all who cannot choose the app to manage their work.

Best, Sergey

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Positive comment

Paymo is an awesome way that my company has been keep track of time. I love that I can manually add in things, and also click a start button to track time. My favorite feature is that I can track my time according to my task. Then later I can go see what I spent my time on! Love it!

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