Kanban Tool - board example - multiple swimlanes, multiple, custom columns.
Kanban Tool - board example, Task Summary is showing chosen additional info on card fronts.
Kanban Tool - an open card view, with comments section visible on the right side of the card.
Kanban Tool - example of a Lead & Cycle Diagram.
Kanban Tool - 24 free Power-Ups for additional functionality, and Process Automation for Enterprise plan users.
Available online: https://kanbantool.com,
and on iOS and Android.
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Kanban Tool Features

  1.  Task Time Tracking
  2.  Ad-free
  3.  Kanban Board
  4.  Real time collaboration
  5.  Cloud Sync
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  •   Updated Feb 17, 2023
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Sasan Riahi
Top positive commentAug 17, 2021

This software is a complete software in the field of task management and tracking their execution time. I use this software for personal work as well as for the work of my start-up organization. Lovely environment, ease of processes, good graphics, great features, a variety of options, the ability to manage team tasks, delivery of tasks to staff and etc are the things I like about this software. It also has a great support team that is always available and solves even the smallest problems. In general, I recommend this software to anyone who wants to manage all the tasks and not forget even a small task, and in addition, take advantage of the great features.

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Top positive commentJan 5, 2023

I've been using Kanban tools for a year now and it has become an esential piece of daily work. The main interface and primary set up options might seem basic at frist sight, but once you get used to it, you discover its full potential. Integration with third party tools and fine-tunning code improvements expand its functionality providing a visual feedback that can be used to control tasks accurately, diagnose problems, identify bottlenecks, and see how changes impact the project as a whole. The UI is simple but very functional option on its desktop (web) version. Android app need more improvements but still functional and. I'm totally satisfied with Kanban Tools solution for my work routines. Very recommendable.

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Positive commentDec 17, 2022

I started using Kanban-Tool in my Business some Months ago and it really helps you to get an oberview of remaining Tasks and Tasks in work. You can start really easy and grow while using. The Setup is made very fast and the Powerups helps to not overload your Board. But the most useful feature which I didn't find anywhere else so far: you can show the ToDo-List of every card in the Board from the Beginning (always on). You don't need to expand it every time you want to look whats to do. Great feature! There are a lot of other Features, check the Powerups in Settings. Meanwhile I'm using Kanban-Tool also for personal Plannings (f.e. Holidays etc.).

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Positive commentSep 2, 2022

This took is wonderfully easy to setup/customize for managing any of my work streams, from simple to complex. It has all the features I want and I can define processes the way I want, all without any unnecessary faff.

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Positive commentAug 18, 2021

I love Kanban Tool because it saves my time and allows me to focus on what needs to be done first. I love Recurring tasks, Postpone task and Automation Rules the most. Highly recommended!

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Positive commentJul 25, 2020

I can say a lot about using Kanban and can't find bigger disadvantage of using it. Definitely, since I started using kanbantool.com I became more organised and more motivated person. At the time my company switched to remote working I had to organise my work in a more efficient way and Kanban was a great choice. Now my working hours are flexible and thanks to Kanban I can control tasks to do all the time.

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Patrick Salmon
Positive commentApr 29, 2020

Well, I wouldn't agree that this tool's totally perfect but any of the alternatives aren't perfect either. Every tool has its better and worse sides. For me, after several years in business, Kanban Tool is the only kanban board that I don't get fed up with, that is easy and its simplicity is not just a slogan. Happy I've found it and started using it.

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