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      antonanton reviewed Haroopad
      Haroopad is still in beta and has a lot of bugs. Besides, it seems to be deserted, without any further development. The most annoying bug I have faced with Haroopad is the impossibility to remove it from Windows 10 via "software uninstall" (strange, but the uninstall button was just missing!!!). For those facing the similar problem - you can remove Haroopad from "AppData\Roaming" folder. My path was the following: C:\Users\***YOUR-USER-NAME-HERE***\AppData\Roaming\Haroo Studio\ This folder had strange "uninstall.lnk" file, which has solved the problem. I was enormously glad to remove it, because Haroopad has associated all *.md files with itself (without any warning!!!) - this is another annoying feature of the software.
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      4 months ago
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      WebGeek liked Haroopad
      4 months ago
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      LordMax Upvoted a comment on Haroopad
      **dead project?** Project appears to be dead. Most recent release was in 2015. On the project's github site, the developer branch last saw a commit in 2016 (except for one documentation commit in 2018) _[Edited by rmbjr60, August 18]_
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      4 months ago