Self-Hosted Google Analytics Alternatives

Imagine a world where you can't see or even conceptualize who or what you interact with. What are the people you talk to like? How could you even tell? Without analytics software for analyzing who visits your website, you'd be living the webmaster equivalent to that. Luckily, that's where Google Analytics can come in.

Google Analytics now provides features that can be considered easy to use for everyone in the search engine optimization and analysis space.

Though rich with support and comprehensive in scope, many of you may prefer open source Google Analytics alternatives due to Google's reputation of data retention and sharing. It may be important to have "eyes and ears" for your website's traffic, but that doesn't mean that you need to have that data sold without your consent either.

On top of that, for extra peace of mind, there are self-hosted Google Analytics alternatives that don't need to touch anything outside of your service and your audience to aggregate the data you need to survive and thrive.

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Alternatives to Google Analytics for Self-hosting with any license

  • Matomo

    Matomo, previously Piwik and before that PHPMyVisites, is a downloadable, open-source (GPL-licensed) web analytics software program. It provides you with detailed reports on your website visitors : the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages... and so much more. Matomo also protects your visitor privacy with advanced Privacy features.

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    • Piwik is better alternative of google analytics because of its social data tracking feature JodieRobinsonvikasOct 2017 • 3 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree   Agree

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  • Open Web Analytics

    Open Web Analytics - Web Analytics – Open Source Web Analytics Framework The Open Web Analytics (OWA) framework provides a generic set of PHP and HTTP APIs that application developers can use to integrate web analytics into any application. The Framework also has built-in support for popular web applications such as WordPress and MediaWiki.

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  • Fathom Analytics

    Fathom Analytics provides simple and useful website stats that focus on user privacy. We don’t store personal information Our tracking policy is simple: Fathom collects trends and insights, not personal details about specific website visitors. We offer simple traffic insights Fathom gives you top pages, top referrers, bounce rate and average time people spend on your site. That’s it, all on a single screen.

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  • Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

    Piwik PRO’s products are deployed in both on-premises and cloud versions, both adhere to the strictest data protection regulations (including HIPAA and GDPR). Piwik PRO Analytics Suite consists of: WEB ANALYTICS Piwik PRO Web Analytics provides full data control and access to advanced audience segmentation, content and campaign tracking, Adwords integration, and more. Data is unsampled and available real-time so users can make quick, accurate decisions.

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  • WP Power Stats

    View your site visits statistics at a glance: browsers, operating systems, visitors and much more! Highly customizable settings to fine-tune the tracking. One click install and you are ready to go! This lightweight plugin is carefully integrated in WordPress, which makes it fast, secure and reliable. Claim back your privacy: no third party services, all statistics are private on your hosting and are accessible only by you.

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  • Snowplow Analytics

    Web analytics platform. Delivers your granular, customer-level adn event-level data, in your own Amazon-powered data warehouse, so you can: 1. Join that data with any other data e.g. marketing data (e.g. Adwords), customer data (e.g. CRM), financial data (e.g. ERP), catalog data (e.g. CMS) 2. Perform any analysis on your data with your analytics tool of choice e.g. R, Excel, Tableau, ChartIO, Microstrategy, SAS...

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  • Ninja Reports

    Keeping up-to-date on all your analytics can be very time consuming. With Ninja Reports, it's delivered right to your email... daily, weekly, or monthly. Ninja Reports offers automated email reports for popular marketing apps like Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Ads & More.

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    Why is so good? It is a fair question to raise -- not in the way it is formulated, assuming our service is actually good, but more in the likes of why isn't any other service that provides all you do for such a small price? Well, there could be tons of web analytics as a service out there, as there are tons of services for many common tasks people of the internet face, most of them are free or have a free tier, and many of them very good.

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  • Datadeck

    Datadeck is a data visualization platform that allows you to see all your data on one single platform. Create beautiful dashboards from data sources such as Facebook Ads, MySQL, Excel, and Google Analytics to consolidate and analyze your data all in one place. Save time, improve file sharing security and get your whole team involved with data.

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  • Walinns Mobile App Analytics

    Cloud-based, a real-time unified mobile app analytics and marketing platform for app marketers to learn, analyze and build highly personalized engagement strategies that drive your users and increased growth. Our marketing solution helps the marketers to build segments, analyze their behavior and engage with them using various communication channels and improve your retention and reduce your churn rate.

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  • Ackee

    Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy. Ackee runs on your own server, analyses the traffic of your websites and provides useful statistics in a minimal interface.

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  • Conversific

    Decision Focused Dashboards To Supercharge Your eCommerce revenue Ready-to-Use, Actionable Tips To Implement Right Away No more guesswork, all analytics-based decisions Business Intelligence Platform for Shopify There are plenty of platforms that can provide you with analytics, stats and charts. However, none of them provide you with an easy-to-understand ones and numbers become frustrating. Making it difficult to translate it into information and learn where to make changes.

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  • Motiontracker

    MotionTracker is an ASP.NET application that tracks web analytic information for your website. It uses a configurable HttpModule that you can add to your ASP.NET application to begin tracking information. All of the data is stored in a SQL Server 2008 database. How It Works The tool tracks information from the HttpRequest that includes URL, browser, and referrer information. There are no scripts to install on your web site or web pages. The HttpModule basically plugs into the ASP.

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  • FireStats

    FireStats is a web statistics system. Features FireStats protect the privacy of your users, unlike services like Google analytics. Real time statistics Recent referrers Search engine keywords Recent popular pages Browser and OS trees, grouped by what matters IP to country - know where your visitors are surfing from 'Raw log' of recent hits Excluding unwanted hits from the database By IP address or by IP range.

    • Discontinued The program is no longer updated. Last version, 1.6.7, released in July 2010, can be still downloaded from the official website.

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  • Statify

    Statify provides a straightforward and compact access to the number of site views. It is privacy-friendly as it uses neither cookies nor a third party. An interactive chart is followed by lists of the most common reference sources and target pages. The period of statistics and length of lists can be set directly in the dashboard widget. Data Privacy In direct comparison to statistics services such as Google Analytics, WordPress.

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  • Slimstat Analytics

    The leading web analytics plugin for WordPress. Track returning customers and registered users, monitor Javascript events, detect intrusions, analyze email campaigns. Thousands of WordPress sites are already using it. MAIN FEATURES • Get access to real-time access log, measure server latency, track page events, keep an eye on your bounce rate and much more. • Add shortcodes to your website to display reports in widgets or directly in posts and pages.

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  • WP Statistics

    Do you need a simple tool to know your website statistics? Do you need to represent these statistics? Are you caring about your users’ privacy while analyzing who are interested in your business or website? With WP Statistics you can know your website statistics without any need to send your users’ data anywhere.

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