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This program is a TOTAL DELIGHT ! !

Firstly let me say, AllMyNotes system-impact is incredibly Tiny: Almost no CPU; Almost no RAM; And yet your database can be MULTI-GIGABYTES in size--which this app handles with Total Alacrity & Aplomb.

The Local & Global Searches are Instantaneous. This is a Great Place to Put ALL your Life-Notes--knowing that you'll be able to find everything as desired.

AllMyNotes handles the Encryption of your sensitive data SO automatically and (Again) INSTANTLY that there's simply no reason for not making ALL your data PERFECTLY SAFE. The 1800-Bit-STRONG encryption happens faster than a BLINK ... well Actually: your data is ALWAYS encrypted within the program .. which is why it never takes even a split second! :)
      In Fact, a MAJOR reason that I had originally begun looking for a program like this was M$’s announcement that, in the not-distant future, they are FORCING everyone using OneNote to surrender the possession of their data to M$ servers. For moi, NO CAN DO!! I HAD LOVED OneNote for MANY Years, but I give MY data to NOBODY !!

{{ Here’s just a tidbit, but to me it’s just one more wonderful aspect of this excellent program: It offers a couple dozen Skins to choose from--Including TWO Dark-Modes! Yay!! (I love midnight Skins!!);
And Vlad (if you happen to be listening) . . .  PLEASE, NEVER, NEVER even think about losing "Night Vision GLOW" -- It's Absolutely Beautiful !! }}

Okay, this program is so PACKED with Excellence, I could spend all night talking about it, so now this review turns "Stream-of-Consciousness" as I simply recall a bunch more Goodness . . .
{All my comments are about the inexpensive "Deluxe" version [a total no-brainer that includes a free trial]}.

  • The Program Starts INSTANTLY!! Lag is Yesterday!
  • ALL your data is ALWAYS STRONGLY Encrypted.
  • Your database can be unimaginably HUGE!!! but still, the Searches occur at an eye's-blink! {Surely the Author of AllMyNotes is a GENIUS!!}
  • Both of the Toolbars are user-customizable .. & can simply be turned Off entirely.
  • Easy, Advanced Tables; •Easy Hyperlinking; •Great Image-Handling; •Format-Painter.
  • TONS of Keyboard Shortcuts to Expedite your work.
  • Perfect Organization of your data via Hierarchical List to ANY Depth; You can Distinguish Hierarchy items with a wealth of Icons, and can also Colorize them--foreground & background.
  • Lets you insert Alarms anywhere in any text.
  • It Auto-Calcs your math-statements the instant you add the "=".
  • Has a great, modifiable spell-checker.
  • ALL your work is Auto-Saved AND Auto-Backed Up. You Never have to think "Save Your Work" again; And •The Automatic Recycle-Bin Makes Sure that you can't even Accidentally lose important data.

I LOVE this Program!
It is a Delight to work with.
It has fast become the repository of my Brain!   And I LOVE knowing that EVERY Micro-Bit of my data is perfectly Safe-And-Encrypted.


SO, as you can See, AllMyNotes is TRULY an Exceptional Notes-&-Information Manager {and in my opinion, it is the BEST ! }. And because of that, I’ve decided to Continually Update this Review to Always reflect my CURRENT assessment of the Program; At the same time, my comments will be just as Concise as I can make them.

Firstly, I should acknowledge that – Just Like the Finest DIAMOND – Even the Very FINEST Software is going to have its Minor Blemish And, so far, I have experienced Only a couple Minor Flaws in the Diamond that is AllMyNotes. So, THIS SECTION of my Review is where I will list any Minor Flaws;  {And Please NOTE::  If you know of Anything I have missed, Please note it in the Reply Below!}   – –

  1. A KEY aspect of AMN’s design is to steer Clear of any Feature-BLOAT so it Continues to be Lightning-Fast with Almost ZERO system-impact. For example, While AMN includes an excellent Rich-Text word processor, its Editor will not have all the features of M$-Word. One such feature that was Unfortunately Omitted is that AMN’s Editor has ZERO Paragraph-Spacing Feature {Despite the fact that adding a bit of space between paragraphs has been in the Rich-Text-Specification for MANY years -->Think "WordPad"!}  So, while Word defaults to inserting 8 Points of space between Paragraphs, in AMN your paragraphs would be followed immediately by a simple New Paragraph OR by a Blank Line.

  2. Secondly, I emailed AMN’s author with a question, but apparently, he chose not to reply.  On the other hand, note that the AllMyNotes Website Does include its own Outstanding Support Forum, so perhaps he prefers for questions to be submitted in the Forum.

Once again, if you notice anything I have overlooked in my review, PLEASE note it in the Reply Section – THANKS !!  :)

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I found it annoying to use, and uninstalled it. It also installed itself in startup, and I didn't care for that.

When it uninstalls, it doesn't clean up after itself properly -- as in, it left itself in the startup list. I had to edit the registry to get rid of it. I had to delete several registry keys.


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This is the best note taking program I've found. I've tried them all. I started with Evernote and, while I initially loved the program, I wasn't a huge fan of the lack of privacy; Evernote employees can read your notes—and even though there's a process for you to "opt out" of them invading your privacy, I never fully trusted that they put my files truly off limits.

I've tried Noho notebooks, OneNote, CintaNotes (my second favorite), Laverna, Nimbus Note, Tomboy, Workflowy, Scrivener, Turtl, Joplin, CherryTree, Elephant,... and I'm sure there are others I've tried and immediately uninstalled.

I liked, and eventually purchased, AllMyNotes Organizer mainly because of the password feature. You can lock the program (you have to have the password to even open the program), you can lock individual folders, and then you can lock individual notes. It's such a simple and obviously helpful feature that almost no other note-taking program offers (note: Noho also gives you the capability of locking folders and notes).

There are features I haven't used but might come in handy for some people, like making check-boxed to-do lists—and you can even add alarms to notes or to-do list entries. There's dozens of "skins" and themes you can use. The font, font size, and highlight functions are freely available on your notes (which seems like it would be standard but a lot of the programs I listed above don't have the option to freely change font and font sizes).

My only complaint is that you can't assign a hyperlink to a note. CintaNotes spoiled me with assigned hyperlinks. You can just paste the hyperlink within the text but it's not nearly as handy as CintaNotes. Also, there's no tagging feature. In all the programs I've used, I have never tagged any of my notes, so it's not a feature I miss.

I purchased the Deluxe version for $23 and I'm extremely satisfied with everything.


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I have the paid version. I use it every day and recommended it.