The ultimate F-Droid setup (250+ Apps)

  • F-Droid

    Free Web Android Android Tablet Website

    This is the official f-droid client ! The UI is a bit old comparing to new standard but it is not ugly either. The UX is not that great as it can't recommend you apps and the search is quite terrible. However it's the stock store on Small CalyxOS iconCalyxOS and Small DivestOS iconDivestOS so it comes with installation privilege and let you install apps in the background. So if your OS comes with the official client by default I recommend you to stay with this one. However if you want a different experience here are the third party client I recommend you to try.


    F-Droid icon
  • Choosing your F-Droid client

    F-droid is a repository but you can use third party client here are some

  • Neo-Store

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    Another classic material design UI but that is looking more modern. This client is quite new and is probably my favourite.
    Unlike the official F-Droid client, Neo-Store supports seamless updates on Android 12 and above without the need for a privileged extension. It also uses a way more modern API for installation.


    Neo-Store icon
  • G-Droid

    Free Android Android Tablet F-Droid Website

    G-Droid has a simple classic material design UI but comes with a better UX (just a bit) than the official client. It is quite popular in the F-Droid community. You can't go wrong with it


    G-Droid icon
  • Aurora Droid

    Free Android Android Tablet F-Droid Website

    A really nice client from the devs behind the quite popular Small Aurora Store iconAurora Store . The UI is really modern looking and you can add custom repo at the initial setup which is really nice. Some users seems to experience bugs here and there.


    Aurora Droid icon
  • SkyDroid

    Free Android Website

    This one is not just a simple F-Droid client it's a complete new of a kind decentralized app store for Android that can sync with the official F-Droid repo.


    SkyDroid icon
  • Utilities

  • SuperFreezZ

    Free Android Android Tablet F-Droid Website

    This one let you freeze apps you don't use often to save battery. It can also be used to freeze proprietary apps you don't trust so they don't run in the background !

    Worth mentioning : Small Battery Tool iconBattery Tool


    SuperFreezZ icon
  • Catima

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    Let you manage your fidelity card on your Android phone. Nice UI and UX !


    Catima icon
  • Torchie

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    Allows you to control the flashlight of your smartphone with volume controls !


    Torchie icon
  • Birday

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    If you escaped from Small Snapchat iconSnapchat or Small Facebook iconFacebook you probably miss many friend's birthdays. Birday is here to remember the special day of your friends, family or coworkers.
    I really like the UI and the app overall !


    Birday icon
  • Water Me

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    Very simple watering reminder apps. Still early but I love it !


    Water Me icon
  • Seal

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    A beautiful Video/Audio downloader for Android made with Material You !


    Seal icon
  • Lyrically

    Free Android Website

    Add lyrics in some music apps such as Spotify, Phonograph, Poweramp and more !


    Lyrically icon
  • Ringdroid

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    If you want to create ringtone from a song you have on your phone !


    Ringdroid icon
  • Cythara

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    To tune your guitar, bass or oder instruments !


    Cythara icon
  • Transportr

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    A public transport companion that respects your privacy and your freedom. Transportr is a non-profit app developed by people around the world to make using public transport as easy as possible wherever you are. Currently, it works best in Europe, but also supports many places world-wide.


    Transportr icon

Comments on The ultimate F-Droid setup (250+ Apps)

· Dec 2021 · Helpful Not helpful 11 Helpful Report as spam

Great list, I discovered a lot of new apps here.
I would also like to suggest some apps:
Syphon - Matrix client - Email client
Red Moon - Blue light filter
Husky - Mastodon and Pleroma client
Aurora - Library genesis client
Kinoko - Manga reader, similar to Tachiyomi


Thanks you for suggesting great apps I've added them all !

· Jun 2022 · Helpful Not helpful 8 Helpful Report as spam

This excellent list is a go-to for me when I am looking for new apps that I can trust.

QKSMS isn't actively maintained though, and isn't working anymore for a lot of people (myself included). I'd remove it.


· Jan 2022 · Helpful Not helpful 4 Helpful Report as spam

great list


· Jan 2022 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Report as spam

Your list is absolutely awesome, I wish it had existed when I made the jump to a de-googled android phone two years ago.
One app I would like to add in the diet/food category is Waistline, it is an awesome foss calorie/meal tracker.


Well don't hesitate to recommend it to your friends if they want to go with FLOSS apps on their phone ;)
I've made it for that purpose so that new commers to free/libre mobile apps get a complete and attractive list.

I didn't know Waistline it looks amazing, I'll add it !

· Nov 2022 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report as spam

I have a recommendation for the "Screen addiction" part. Small can be set up to automatically block certain apps after you use them for a configured amount of time. It is highly customisable. If you don't trust yourself, you can autogenerate a password and give it to a friend or family member so you need to ask for it every time you want to change something.


· Sep 2022 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

A few more recommendations:

QuickTiles: Add a lot of useful Quick Settings tiles

Forkyz: Crossword puzzles - Guardian cryptic, WSJ, and more, plus support for local puzzle files in a variety of formats

SimpleReminder: Quickly create reminders and get notified later

Easy Noise: Simple white noise app
(full disclosure: I made this one)


I'll take thoses in consideration, wanna add many many many more apps but since I have to add them to AlternativeTo it takes some times wich I don't have at the moment ^^'

· Sep 2022 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

You should add this app in "Social & communication PART VII - Twitter" section
The app Is called harpy


I know Harpy, but do you know if it's on a f-droid repository ?
It's not on the official one or the IzzyOnDroid and I couldn't find any repo on their GitHub

You can find this app in one of my other list :

Unfortunately it is not on f-droid or izzyondroid .
its only available through play store beta testing and you can download it from github also

I will make a request in their github page to add it to izzy's repo

The dev of harpy quoted this

"There are no plans to bring harpy to f-droid at the moment but if you want to avoid the play store you can download the latest apk here:"

· Nov 2022 · Helpful Not helpful -2 Helpful Report as spam

Hi, I love the concept of Echo, but it is not maintained, it's buggy and missing many features.
Do you know about any alternative?


No I'm sorry, can't help you on that

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