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Apps with 'Video annotation' feature

  1. Eagle helps you manage pictures, screenshots, user interfaces and designs that make your lightbulb shine. If you are a designer, you will definitely love this!.

  2. Inspod is a platform for you to capture ideas and share insights from Podcasts & YouTube. With Inspod, you can discover ideas, highlight the best moments while streaming, add your own insights, and share what you’ve learned with the community.

  3. Capto is an easy-to-use app that takes capturing, recording, video and image editing to the next level.

  4. CVAT is completely re-designed and re-implemented version of Video Annotation Tool from Irvine, California tool. It is free, online, interactive video and image annotation tool for computer vision.

  5. Annotate videos with text comments, arrows, custom images, outlines, blackout shapes, background audio and free form drawings.

  6.  Add tl;dv to any meeting from any provider  Capture meeting moments on the fly --> Save everyone's time --> Keep colleagues up to date.

  7. Labeling AI is a deep learning-based auto labeling solution that develops and auto-labels custom AI by learning minimal manual labeling data. Labeling AI is an innovative tool that can save your time.

  8. This app allows you live drawing and taking notes over desktop applications. There are also tools for screen recording and making screenshots. It is great tool for creating presentations, tutorials, manuals, animations, video or streaming.

  9. Data labeling outsourced service: get your ML training datasets cheaper and faster!.

  10. HERAW is an all-in-one collaborative platform for content project management and validation.

  11. A desktop application with a UX built for through-put, HyperLabel is a complete toolset for quality labeling process management and training data creation.

  12. Data labeling tool for various data types with a customizable interface, annotation team management, and automatic labeling through active learning.

  13. Diffgram icon
    • Windows
    • Online
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Operating System for Visual Deep Learning.

  14. icon
    • Online
    • Self-Hosted
    • Software as a Service (SaaS) offers a full suite of services and software for data annotation, synthetic data and AI services. From dedicated professionals, to medical professionals, agronomists and other sectors.