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  1.  File Tagging
  2.  Watch Folder
  3.  Reverse Image Search
  4.  Keyframe Animation
  5.  Cloud Sync
  6.  Music Looper
  7.  Batch Rename Files
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Top positive commentJan 31, 2024

Eagle is my favorite app. I used to use Adobe Bridge to manage my image library, but it was incredibly slow. With Eagle it's like night and day. I'm a designer/artist who hoards lots of reference images (2mil+) and I'm only able to manage that volume of images thanks to Eagle. It can also handle many different file types, and a single file can exist in many folders at once, making it easy to keep things organized for different projects.

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Top positive commentJan 23, 2023

Fair price and honest work, Nice works for sparking creativity into similar softwares.

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Top negative commentJun 14, 2019

I don't get the hype...

  1. As of today, you can only rotate images to the left, which creates unnecessary clicks when a simple "rotate to the right" button would have done the job. It gets worse when you try to rotate 15+ images at once. The time lost and the aggravation is through the roof at that point. It's incomprehensible: it would seem like a fairly basic button in a photo management app in 2019.

  2. I have sent a pre-sale email question on May 19, 2019. We are on June 14, 2019 and I still haven't heard anything back. Yes the app is very affordable ($30 one-time fee) but is it really worth it when considering that there is zero customer support, especially before a purchase? Not for me.

  3. Eagle relies on a library system, which means that Eagle creates its own folder inside of your computer to load different sizes of your photos in its app. I have found that an app-generated library system is not what's best for me, and I'd rather use photo management apps that strictly work with what's inside my local photo folders as it saves disk space.

  4. The only "pro" I can think of is that the "export > zip" feature usually takes only a few seconds, even though you have dozens of photos in that folder. However, you'll have to remember to delete the copies of your photos that were automatically generated in the Eagle library if you truly want to recoup the disk space those additional photo sizes are taking...

I really wanted to like this app as I found its UI absolutely stunning but the first 3 points mentioned above were deal breakers for me. I've since moved on to:

  • Zoner Photo Studio for my photo management + photo editing all-in-one needs (it's $50/yr but you have a 24h customer support response time and ongoing development which, for an app that markets itself as an Adobe Photoshop competitor, is well worth the price. It can preview videos in-app like Eagle.)
  • for my moodboarding needs, especially because they do not use a library system, their UI is as sleek as Eagle, their price point is fairly similar to Eagle and they provide timely customer support (24h in my case).
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It is good app but have few bugs.

1, Cant say dont use that. 2, Yes i agree no one email was answered. 3, It depends but what works for you better. 4, Yeah it is fast.

About your alternatives. Zoner Photo Studio is just bad. Creators are from my country and they are just money grabbers and pay per time is nt worth for me.

References Design i try it. It dont have subcategories. Unninstall.

Reply written Jun 19, 2019

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Well, every person has other priorities for an application. ;-)

  1. That does not matter to me, because I have not to rotate many images. But you may put a feature request for this. ;-)

  2. I don't know, but about 1 1/2 year went into the land. Maybe, the support is actually better, than it was in your time. I'm still within the trial period and have not bought the tool. (But I definitely will.) I contacted the support several times through their official contact formular ( with feature requests and a bug report. And on every request, I got a response within 1 to 2 days. But I had to check my spam folder, because their responses were listed as spam.

  3. I agree! This is actually a point, what I do not like also. I mean the thing, with duplication of the images and waste of space. (I will also put this as a feature request.) But I understand the need for some kind of a database structure, if you really want all that cool organizational features, like tagging, categorization, smart folders/albums, any kind of search and filtering. And from that point of view, I'm surprised, how small the "database" footprint/overhead from Eagle is. And it's still so fast.

But nevertheless: It's nice, that you found the tools, which fit your needs. The tool "IMatch" ( is also worth a try. It leaves your pictures where they are.

Reply written Jan 14, 2021

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@ChinaFan: Hello and thank you for your reply! I appreciate the points you made.

  1. After 1 and a half year, I sure hope for the users that they now have a "rotate to the right button"! It'd be inefficient and nonsensical not to have one in 2021.
  2. Great to hear Eagle replies to potential customers in 2021.
  3. So it's still using a library system today. Well, hopefully they listen to your feature request and implement it as it will definitely make the product better and easier on the hard drive.

I did not know about the software "IMatch", it sounds great! I just saw a few reviews on Capterra, it seems like a really nice tool! Thank you for your recommendation, it's worth a try, I agree. Best wishes for 2021!

Reply written Jan 19, 2021

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Positive commentSep 10, 2022

Great Proprietary software

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Positive commentMar 26, 2022

I love Eagle is the best app for categorizing content not only for designers but also for managing local projects. The problem is that is stored in a local database that can only be read with

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Positive commentFeb 28, 2022

I've been tested out many images manage library apps, but Eagle is my favorite one. It's working pretty fast and usability is best! There are so many great features in this app. One of the best features is that you can merge multiple images into one just with right-click. One thing that I missing still is more convert options e.g. png to jpg. Great app and I recommend this.

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Negative commentSep 6, 2021

The first thing it does is connecting to baiduu and then, after refusing, connecting to a server in Hong Kong. I do not trust it.

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Is this true as of late 2023? Can someone confirm or disconfirm the alleged connection because I'd certainly not want that (if not motivated in clear text what the purposes are).

Reply written Aug 23, 2023

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