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  • Godot Engine

    Godot is a fully featured, open source, MIT licensed game engine. It focuses on having great tools, and a visual oriented workflow that can export to PC, Mobile and Web platforms.


    Godot Engine icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Haiku FreeBSD

  • Unity

    Unity is a multi-platform game development tool, designed from the start to ease creation.


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    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux

  • Construct 2

    Scirra Construct is a 2D game development engine with a focus on building games visually.


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    Freemium Windows

  • GDevelop

    GDevelop is an open-source game making software designed to be used by everyone. Any kind of 2D games can be created with it and no programming skills are required to get started. Logic of games are made using visual events.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android BSD iPad

  • Unreal Engine

    Unreal Engine is a professional suite of tools and technologies used for building high-quality games across a range of platforms.


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    Free Mac Windows Linux

  • Construct 3

    Construct 3 is a powerful 2D game development engine which uses Scirra's intuitive event system to allow its users to build all kinds of games and apps.


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    Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad

  • Stencyl

    Stencyl isn't your average game creation software; it's a gorgeous, intuitive toolset that accelerates your workflow and then gets out of the way.


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    Freemium Mac Windows Linux

  • Mod DB

    Mod DB is the largest website dedicated to supporting independent development of games including user generated game content, mods, addons and DLC.


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    Free Web

  • LÖVE

    Hi there! LÖVE is an *awesome* framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua. It's free, open-source, and works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone BSD iPad FreeBSD

  • GameMaker

    Game Maker is software program for Microsoft Windows meant to simplify computer game development.


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    Freemium Mac Windows Windows S

    • Discontinued Discontinued, development continues with
  • Polycode

    Polycode is a C++ and Lua framework for building interactive applications. It is free, open source and cross-platform.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

    • Discontinued The program is no longer updated. Last version, 0.8.4, released in May 2015, can be still downloaded from the official website.
  • Ren'Py

    Ren'Py is a free and cross-platform visual novel engine that helps you use words, pictures, and sounds to tell stories with the computer.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux


    The most powerful game development platform is now available to everyone. Full engine source code. All features. No royalties. No obligations. No license fee.


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    Free Personal Open Source Windows Linux

  • Haxe

    Haxe is an open source toolkit based on a modern high level strictly typed programming language, a state-of-the-art light-speed cross-compiler, a complete cross-platform standard library, and ways to access to each platform's native...


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Raspberry Pi

  • Torque 3D

    Torque 3D is a easy-to-use game creation platform.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • RPG Maker

    The RPG Maker software series is a set of game creation suites aimed at easy 2D role playing game creation.


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    Commercial Mac Windows Linux

  • Construct Classic

    Construct Classic is a free, DirectX 9 game creator for Windows, designed for 2D games. It uses an event based system for defining how the game behaves, in a visual, human-readable way - you dont need to program or script anything at all.


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    Free Open Source Windows

    • Discontinued Construct Classic was retired in order to focus on 2. Last version, r2, released in February 2012, can be still downloaded from SourceForge.
  • Cocos2d-x

    cocos2d-x is a cross platform open source free 2D game engine for mobile gamedev, that is fast and stable, easy to learn and use.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Windows Mobile Android iPhone Blackberry Android Tablet ... Windows Phone iPad Blackberry 10

  • Urho3D

    Urho3D is a lightweight, cross-platform rendering and game engine implemented in C++ and released under the MIT license. Greatly inspired by OGRE and Horde3D.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Raspberry Pi

  • ClickTeam Fusion

    [Multimedia Fusion 2 has been replaced by Clickteam Fusion 2.5.] Game and software creation has never been easier or quicker than with Clickteam Fusion 2.5! With Fusion 2.


    ClickTeam Fusion icon

    Commercial Windows

  • Tiled Map Editor

    Tiled is a general purpose tile map editor. It's built to be easy to use, yet flexible enough to work with varying game engines, whether your game is an RPG, platformer or Breakout clone.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Unreal Development Kit

    "UDK is Unreal Engine 3 – the complete professional development framework. All the tools you need to create great games, advanced visualizations and detailed 3D simulations. The best tools in the industry are in your hands." -Site


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    Free Personal Windows

    • Discontinued UE3 is no longer updated:
  • Geosophic

    Geosophic offers location based leaderboards for free for mobile game developers. Other interesting extra features are location based analytics as well as game cross promotion through a 'trending games recommendation engine'.


    Geosophic icon

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

    • Discontinued The official website and the service are no longer available. Their last tweet ("Farewell and goodnight" - has been posted in September 2014.
  • GameMaker: Studio

    Design your own computer games with a drag-and-drop event/action system, and introduce yourself to coding at your own pace.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Windows

  • OGRE

    OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) is a scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine written in C++ designed to make it easier and more intuitive for developers to produce applications utilizing hardware-accelerated 3D graphics.


    OGRE icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux