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Looks promising

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This helpdesk is only a few months old as of writing this but it's very promising. I like that they're embracing the "dashboard" style of web app over the traditional style of helpdesk that just throws you into a list of tickets. It's nice to see an overview and activity stream before diving in. Installing was a pain in the ass. I tried it w/ Ubuntu and failed. Finally got it working on CentOS7. I'm no linux genius so your mileage may vary.

As an agent, your ticket views are reminiscent of an email inbox and the method of updating tickets and adding notes is more akin to an email/chat hybrid. The UI is a little confusing - it took me a while to figure out how to reply to a ticket via email but I think the general idea is sound. It'll just take some tweaking of the UI to get it right. There's some functions that should be able to be completed in one-click that take more (i.e. press the + button and then hit "New Ticket" - Why two clicks when new ticket is the only option?)

Admins can create custom "Overviews" which are essentially saved searches. You can have an overview for "my tickets", "unassigned and open", etc. I can see this being useful for MSPs where you can create overviews for various clients (i.e. "Open Tickets for Company A") or searches based on length of time a ticket has been open to find stale tickets.

I haven't tried the live-chat function, but it looks slick.

My biggest complaint is the customer-facing side. It's built on the same foundation as the agent side and looks a lot like an email inbox. While I believe that works for agents, it's a mess for customers. The customer interface should be stripped down and a dead simple view of open tickets.

I'm going to keep an eye on this project. I don't think calling this a version 1.0+ product is correct. It should still be considered in development in my opinion. I'm going to stick with OSTicket for now but I'd like to switch to Zammad because I like the concept of the workflow better. I'm hoping as the product matures, they'll work out the kinks.


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Great ticketing system overall, the elasticsearch searchengine is unbelieveably good, it's super responsive, got good overviews and statistics.

Only thing I'd like to have improved is the time tracking features. I prefer Zammad over outlook.


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Very good design, and knowledge base search engine work well.


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Ubuntu installation was the simplest installation I've ever done, installed everything for me automagically, just had to add Zammad and Elasticsearch sources to apt, and enable elasticsearch with systemctl and the system was running like a clock. Even postgres was installed for me, database imported etc...

I have no idea how it works, since i really didn't install it. But as long as you run it as the only application in a LXD container or VM it should be aight.

The us is lightning fast, they're really making use of Javascript (complete SPA).

Some things can still be more polished, but hell this is the best webapp I've seen in quite awhile.


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good free solution with great support.