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Comment by karlblass
about Xfce · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report as spam

Best desktop environment for Unix/Linux I know of.


Comment by julianbrelsford
about Xfce · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

My experience with Xfce has not been positive. It did not offer noticeable savings in hard drive space or memory usage, as compared to Gnome. On two different eeePC machines, I found that Xubuntu (the Xfce version of Ubuntu) ran no more quickly than the standard Ubuntu. Furthermore, it encountered problems that didn't exist in Gnome: I was not able to open files by double-clicking the file in a file manager. If you want a lightweight window manager, consider LXDE. If you want a window manager where everything works with no fuss, consider Gnome.


Window manager and desktop environment are not the same. WM can be a DE but DE is not just WM. Lightweight WM is Openbox, less quick are xfwm, metacity, kwm.

This 2010 comment is old and outdated. Compared to the current Gnome3, Xfce (as well as LXDE) is lightweight (memory usage, disk space, etc.). It should also be significantly quicker, although it will never be as quick as the minimalistic Openbox or Fluxbox WMs. Opening files by double-clicking should work out of the box in Thunar, but if you don't like Thunar feel free to use Nautilus within Xfce.

As far as I go, Xfce has a more elegant and consistent design than LXDE.