TreeSize tells you where precious disk space has gone to. It can be started from the context menu of a local folder or a local drive and displays the size of each folder, including its subfolders.

While "TreeSize Free" works only locally, "TreeSize Professional" will allow you to scan NETWORK drives.

Scanning is done in a thread, so you will see results while TreeSize Free is still working.

TreeSize Professional is a powerful and flexible harddisk space manager. Find out which folders are the largest on your drives and recover megabytes of disk space. TreeSize Professional shows you the size, allocated and wasted space, the number of files, 3D charts, the last access date, the file owner and permissions, the NTFS compression rate and much more information regarding folders or drives. It also lets you search drives, entire servers or the entire network for old, big, temporary and duplicate files.

TreeSize Mobile is a disk space manager for your SmartPhone:

Sometimes you reach point where you have to realise that your smartphone has run out of disk space. Searching manually for large files and folders can take a long time. TreeSize Mobile helps you to find these folders. The file system is represented in a tree view and it shows you the size of folders, including their subfolders.


Free with limited functionality

Pricing Information

One time purchase (perpetual license) ranging between $25 and $55

Supported Platforms


Links to official TreeSize sites

Official Website    Twitter


Display files size Portable Add a feature


OS & Utilities System & Hardware


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I have loved, and continue to love, TreeSize Free for many, many years (more than 10 years and counting). Whenever I get a new computer it is one of the first things I install. It is simple, fast and...

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Crashes everytime I use it (and I have plenty of RAM). Version is older version, but I got tired of developer constantly hitting up for more $$$ for additional updates that don't fix anything.

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