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Comment by TheTechBite
about Total Uninstall · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

These guys basically copied everything Revo uninstaller does and stamped "Total Uninstall" on it, go with Revo instead because it does a better job and is faster and free.


Maybe so but i do think Total Uninstall has a much better interface and more easy to use.
On Revo you need to go into each program and edit log while here you see everything on the right side.
Also on already installed programs you cant see the log on Revo as far as i could tell. Here it will analyze it on the fly and show you in a few second. So its a much better product in the end (i think).

Hey did Revo Uninstaller add everything first? Or you should not say that.

Anyway all that matters for me as a user is which product is better now. I dont care who did what first. I have tested both and Total Uninstall came on top in my opinion.

@vampyren I say that to the topic owner, his comment make him just like a salesman, just doubt.

Oh sorry misunderstood :)