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Stay away! No clear data/privacy policy, no company details, no reply to emails.

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In Short...

TickTick's website and app should raise many suspicions. So should the fact they're extremely unclear about how/where they store user data or what laws apply to them. Their domain name registration seems to have been done by a single individual from China with a gmail account and they don't answer support emails.

How is customer data handled? TickTick doesn't say.

Firstly, keep in mind that information you put in to-do lists will probably reveal a lot about your habits, the names of people you know and meet, your location, maybe sensitive health details or something about your family. With a hosted to-do list service all this information sits somewhere on a server you don't control.

For this reason, you'll want to be clear at least where your information is stored (which country / which legal jurisdiction). Or, if you're not even interested in that, you probably will concede that such information should be easy to find. You could (and, I would say, should) be interested in how your data is handled in the case that a law enforcement agency asks for it, or if you close your account. How long after cancellation does it hang around on their servers? How long are backups stored? Is your name, email address, credit card information retained even after you cancel and your data is wiped?

So TickTick should make all make that abundantly clear on their site. They don't. Neither their privacy policy nor their terms of service describe anything about them, not even where they are based.

That's a problem, because it means that TickTick aren't even telling you which legal jurisdiction they are based.

Domain registration details & data privacy

Another suspicious, or at least unprofessional-looking thing with TickTick is their website domain name registration. The more internet savvy amongst you will know that it's possible to look up, e.g. via WhoIs, who registered a particular domain. Now, in most cases, the details you will find will belong to a company, not an individual and you certainly don't expect to find a personal gmail address. You'd expect to find that stuff with an amateur blogger perhaps. One that hasn't bothered to protect the details of his private life from public view (which is a standard service offered by literally every domain name registrar I've ever dealt with). Try WhoIs with "Facebook.com"; you won't find Mark Zuckerberg's details and "zucky@gmail.com" as the registrant's details. (Note to idiots: I just made that up - it's not his address and I don't know his address.)

But with TickTick we get this:

Ticktick.com was registered by a Damon Woo of Xihu Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 310007, China.
His email address is damonwoo@gmail.com. (You can also find his phone number... and a whole bunch of other details.)

None of this is an inherent problem for customers data. But it does raise the question over, e.g. legal jurisdiction and where customers' data is stored. I would bet the majority of TickTick's (potential) customers - at least those reading this - wouldn't have a clue about Chinese data or privacy laws. TickTick certainly doesn't clarify them or if they even apply. The WhoIs details also include DNS server details, which actually belong to AWS (Amazon Web Services), suggesting that the data might be stored on Amazon's servers. But under US, UK or another jurisdiction? Again, not clear. Can Damon Woo be legally compelled in China to give authorities there customers' data? We don't know.

The app interface looks like a complete knock-off

What raises suspicions even more, is that TickTick's Android app interface is almost completely identical to that of ToDoIst. To be honest, it looks like a knock-off. I'd even believe that the same company are behind both products, if it wasn't for the fact that TickTick are so different in what they say about how their service is provided.

No answers to support emails/emails about privacy and data

With all this lack of claritiy, I emailed TickTick and received no answer in over 6 weeks (and counting). I should say in advance that I have received detailed replies to similar questions from Nozbe and ToDoIst, so this is not unreasonable at all. My questions to TickTick were:

  1. Privacy & Security
  • Is customer data stored encrypted or not on TickTick servers?
  • If encrypted, does the encryption happen client-side or server side?
  • Is data transfered between the user's computer and TickTick servers using TLS?
  • How are user passwords protected? Are they salted and hashed?
  • Do TickTick employees have access to my data? If so, who and under which circumstances?
  • Does TickTick support second-factor authentication, and if so how can I switch this on?
  • If I delete my account, how long before my the data completely removed from TickTick servers, including backup copies?
  • Under which county's legal jurisdiction is my data stored?
  • If Hong Kong, can the government force you to give up user data?
  • If I upgrade to the PRO account and make a payment, do you handle my credit card data?
  1. Features
  • What explains the extra-ordinary similarity in the look and feel of Tick Tick to that of ToDoIst?
  • Will TickTick develop a client/app for Linux? If not, why?
  • Do you have something like a Trello board where upcoming developments are listed?
  1. Other questions
  • Why does TickTick's website not make the privacy and security points above explicitly clear?
  • ToDoIst, Nozbe, Wunderlist and Remember The Milk list their employees on their website. Why doesn't Tick Tick?

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Other than that TickTick say they use Amazon AWS, very few of my other points are addressed under either of the links above. Company address? Who has access? Who has legal jurisdiction over my data? Who handles my credit card data? How long before my data is deleted if I close an account? It's unacceptable not to inform people about these absolutely fundamental aspects of how their private data is handled. And nothing at all under either of the links above dispels concerns over what appears as a plagiarised interface or the fact that the company is registered in China and doesn't reveal it.

TickTick is a product of Appest inc. company, originally based in San Francisco, later relocated to Honk Kong, China. Their offices are in FLAT/RM 1002C GINZA SQUARE NO.567 NATHAN ROAD KL HK. It's quite easy to find, but you obviously weren't bothered enough.

TickTick user data are stored in USA on AWS servers, so US jurisdiction applies. Chinese users use different service called Dida 365. It's basically the same app, but for security and privacy measures, Appest inc. decided to have two separate apps for two markets. You pretend to be tech savvy, so it should be easy for you to log on to TickTick Web app or Android app and see for yourself if there are weird connections, IPs or mysterious trackers. Spoiler alert, there are none.

Domain is registered by Damon Woo because Damon Woo is a founder of Appest inc. Does it look professional? No. Does it matter? No.

TickTick isn't a knock-off. That can truly say just someone who never used both apps. They are both To-Do apps based on GTD methodology, so they will be similar. Just like is Remember the Milk, Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do or Google Tasks. TickTick uses Folder-List-Task-Subtask (Checklist) hierarchy. Todoist uses Project-Subproject-Task- Subtask (nested task) hierarchy. TickTick has Calendar, Todoist doesn't. TickTick has POMO, Todoist doesn't, TickTick has daily planner, Todoist doesn't.

Inbox, Today, Tomorrow, In a week and Someday are basic and standard categories in GTD methodology. It must be really hard for you to comprehend that To-Do apps based on the same methodology look similar. To you it's SHOCKING!

It's also quite offensive to call TickTick a knock-off. TickTick is based on app called GTasks, which was developed by Damon Woo (founder of Appest inc.). GTasks was released in 2010 and trust me, Todoist looked really different back then, so some could argue who was really inspired by which product. You can search images on Google and see for yourself.

Maybe they didn't reply to you because in your questions you attacked their product and accused them of copying? Or maybe you were asking stupid questions like that one about storing credit card info? I mean, it takes 1 minute to find out that payment can be done only through 3rd party services like PayPal or Google Play. You aren't very talented detective :/.

Your assumptions, accusations and slander are rooted in your stereotypical opinion about Chinese products. Just because Appest inc. is Chinese, in your mind, they must have nefarious motives. Why aren't you questioning Doist - remote company, and what can they see? They know how many tasks are created and how many of them are completed. What else can they know? That doesn't bother you? Because their aren't from China?

Your review is biased and comes from small minded person.

I have to agree with you, John, on this one and thank you for bringing this to the attention of people like both of us who appreciate their privacy and data security.

The domain is indeed registered under one individual and with an address in China.
It is kind of the same as giving a notebook with all your notes and to-do lists to a stranger on the street.

The app looks great! But there needs to be some more tight jurisdiction and clarity about what is really being done with our data on this platform.
Without it... I am looking elsewhere.

TickTick enforces a structure of Today, Inbox, and...

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TickTick has built-in lists like Today, Inbox, and Calendar, but it can hide them under Settings –> Smart List. It features a Pomodoro timer which I would prefer to keep separate from the task list, but this is a minor issue.



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I was looking to an alternative to wunderlist as it may be shut down and I am not so sure about Microsoft's privacy policy and setup on windows 10. Also, the replacement does not do what I want it to.

It imported my wunderlist data very well (I had issues with tododist) and was it very easy to set up. It also has some cool labs for things like a pomodoro timer, but selecting the task for the timer could be a little easier. Ticktick also has a pretty decent calender set up.

Ticktick has the ability to toggle items like "today", tomorrow", or "seven days" view - to customise with people's work flow. It doesn't have too much reliance on due dates as a work flow. It doesn't have the ability to stair items like wunderlist so I had to create a label to create a focus list for my next actions. It has subfolders to help with organisation. Tick tick has themes of cities which can be different for every device. So it has the nice look similar to wunderlist.

My main gripe is that no decent todo apps have end to end encryption despite the amount of money they cost. Given that I get a pretty decent email, notes app and cloud storage with end to end encryption - why not!

I ask the developers in this thread and they have said it is not part of their plans. I would encourage you to add your response (politely) if you feel the same way about end to end encryption.


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It's very useful for task management.


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Has a good set of features, even without subscribing to premium.


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Don't know much about the privacy issue so I won't go into depths about that.
Pros: Calendar, priority view, sharing, Kanban boards
Cons: Very glitchy, cannot view my kanban boards on my phone, can't assign tasks to separate people (a feature that Quire has, and I fell in love with), not free

It's an okay app that has a few languages to choose from. But not worth the price. Apps that cost money such as Trello work better, and free apps such as Quire overrun them easily.


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Great for organizing my tasks from any device, desktop included. It’s a subscription app, but freemium includes syncing πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


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So far the app has been very good. It does have some glitches at times but that is a no different experience for me in regards to similar apps.

Pros: Folders, Summary Reports, Calendar Views Options (of which there are plenty), Calendar sync options, subtasks (with progress bar), sharing, collaborating, habit option (mobile only), Kanban Boards (web/desktop), fast sync, calendar/date options, pomo timer, priority has 4 levels, easy to use and overall good value for the money.

Cons: a little glitchy at times and sharing/collaborating may time out if doing lots of lists at once. No Kanban view on mobile which needs to be done. Natural language parsing is pretty good but could use some improvement. Todoist so far is the best at natural language processing (haven't found an app to beat them). Habits feature is limited to just mobile needs to be available for web/desktop versions, can't assign subtasks to individuals - wish they would get that changed.

Notes: For my experience and my team, the pomo timer works well. Granted it worked better for us on the web than it did on the mobile but it still worked well. I saw another reviewer on here stating the opposite. Emails were answered on business days (not weekends) and it usually takes about 2-3 for a response. Support was slightly faster. Regarding their privacy policy and security, I found to be pretty simple and direct. Another reviewer on here stated the information rikolay442 June 2018 is correct with his outline of information. There are clear links to these items on their website.


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Overall, it is a good application. I can recommend it to Chinese users.

Good part

  • AFAIK, it is the most feature complete todo app.
  • The customer service's response is really quick (if you know Chinese). Usually, I can get responses in hours and then talk about the problem in real-time.
  • Acceptable price

Bad part

  • Buggy Windows Client. It is a beta version for now after all. The development is so slow and they aren't pushing new small versions for bug fixes.
  • The pomo timer is not so usable in PC. Of course, when used in the Android side, the PC side can't get timer feedback.
  • Lack of support for Japanese. The text in Android app is mixed in Japanese and English, and in PC one, the current version is always English (it's a bug).

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  • no ads
  • multiple theme available
  • unable to sync with gtasks, only imports

Start Using This...

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Previously using Cloudship but it has a really bad connection for one or two months. I tried many To-Do list and found this one is easy-to-use, has a clean interface and it is similar but also a little more powerful than Cloudship.


TickTick is awesome!

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Can not be trusted: domain name registered by an individual and address in China.
The website lacks a lot of information about the company itself and the privacy policy is very short, not deep enough to trust your data.

Going somewhere else to find a better alternative.


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I can't trust this app, can someone recommend me an free/freemium alternative?


Wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.

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TickTick have the same functionality and even appearance as ToDoIst, which smells of a knock-off to me. Their website is registered in mainland China by an individual with a Gmail account and no WhoIs protection (doesn't feel very professional, does it?). They have no information on their site about who they are, how/where they store user data, how it is erased when you close your account, or what legal jurisdiction it falls under. They also don't answer fundamental questions about privacy and security sent to their customer support email address.

Other than all that... yeah... great.

See my review (under the Review tab above) for more details.