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This project is opensource not Freemium.


Hi matheusrv.

As we wrote in our description for Taiga.io:

Taiga is free for Public projects and for one Private project with up to 4 members. Other paid plans with more projects and more members are available too.

That's why we set it as Freemium and not as Opensource :)
More info at https://taiga.io/#pricing

You will pay if you want to buy online host for taiga. If you want to host on your server you could download code at https://github.com/taigaio/

This software isn't Freemium it is OpenSource, many OS companies do something like that to improve the recipe.

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I understand what you mean.

Anyway, by convention, on AlternativeTo we set "Free with limitations" for this kind of software because users want to get a program with no costs at all when they search for Opensource.
We set the license Opensource only for totally free softwares with available source code :)

Btw, we will adjust these difficulties with licenses in the near future ;)

So we have to review the entire open source community because that is a business model of several companies that support OS software. I for example always use the Only OpenSource filter, so I can not find Taiga? The code is available on GitHub, everyone can send Pull Request. Please switch it from Freemium to Open Source. Thank you

I agree, it's Open Source, and don't tag it is really confusing. When searching an Open Source software we look for a free of charge on self-hosting, not a free software. As Matheusrv said, most of quality Open Source software has a paid hosted version, and thats the path for future development, so if you don't tag it as Open Source, you are confusing the terms.

Good project manager for agile

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Beautiful interface for project management, with a lot of features as Kanban and Scrum dashboard, wiki parts for each projects and sub-projects, bugs tracking with statuses, docs upload for tasks.
All of this with a nice and smooth interface (even in french and other languages).
And the project is open source, so you can install it on your own server (the procedure is quite complicated and that's not functioning for me right now).

Congrats folks and go on this great tool !

PS : then I have to migrate my old projects from Redmine to Taiga...



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Good bye JIRA, although I like you, Taiga makes it ease to get my whole team involved without the learning curve.

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Taiga is a great app for simple khan ban boards and backlog management but I really wish there was a Ganttt chart!



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Goodbye, Redmine! Now we are living in Taiga!


great app

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It's really awesome and simple in use