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Quire is exactly what we're looking for. Amazing hierarchical list with super friendly UI

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Crazy but there are more than a hundred of task management tools on the market. Even more crazy we didn't find a right one for our team after trying/using a dozen of them.

With list-based tools, our tasks grew into a unmanageable long list. We kept losing important-but-less-emergent tasks until we searched hard for them. The board-based tools can't manage a lot of tasks well either. It is good for daily or weekly tasks, but many tasks in our project can take long to get done. Smartsheet is good at managing hierarchical list but too complicated to me -- probably because we don't need the resource planning and I'm not a spreadsheet guy.

Quire did a great job for managing the complicated hierarchical task tree with a super friendly UI. I really appreciate the way we can break down a big task into several manageable tasks. It works like a charm when we started rolling out our project, inviting colleagues and breaking down tasks.


Solid Simple Efffecrive

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Quire is an innovative and simplistic (without lacking features) approach for personal and / or team task management. I've been using it for a long time now and has already been a part of my daily routine, even if still in beta. Having used so many similar programs in the past, I fell in love with quire "at first sight".

Hence, there is one "killing" feature that is missing and makes its daily use frustrating, especially when someone has to deal with a big number of tasks. It has to do with filtering. Knowing that quire has to remain simple in its use with its interface intact, I propose to add a check box next to each subcategory . These check boxes would be better if they were available not only for priorities but for all filtering options, so that someone can select multiple filtering options from different filters in a visual way (e.g red or yellow priority and assigned by person X)

Last but not least, not to forget to mention that behind Quire are some great people that are not only helpful but also willing and able..


My extensive review of Quire.io

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About 3 days ago I ran across a post on r/productivity about a new option in productivity apps: Quire.io. I was immediately interested when I noticed that they offer infinite levels of parent/child task hierarchy, with optional recurring dates and tags and notes on tasks at any level. So this is effectively a new option in the outliner apps field, also occupied by other similar ones like Workflowy, Checkvist, Omniflow and Moo.do. I discarded Workflowy because of the relatively low amount of free items per month (100) and its lack of dedicated due-date handling. Omniflow doesn't have a premium version, but it also lacks due-date features and an offline mobile app. Checkvist has an impressive web interface with no size limitations for free users, as well as extensive support for dates, but recurring dates are only available in the premium version. Additionally, I couldn't get past its very limited mobile web interface. Moo.do has no limitations, but its interface is currently not very optimized for use on a smaller mobile screen, and I've had problems with syncing. So Quire.io seems to be a competitive alternative to all of these. I would use it in a loose GTD context, labeling tasks with context, priority, and role. I need something with a web interface for when I'm at my desktop, and a decent mobile interface with offline access when I'm out of the office with just my tablet. Here's what I've discovered:

What I like:

  1. Flexible outliner interface: There's a plethora of task apps for Android, but most of them are more interface-driven, with a fairly rigid structure of Folders -> Tasks -> Subtasks (or Notes). Sometimes I like to simply offload ideas from my mind in rapid succession without clicking through a lot of UI, similar to quickly typing up a todo.txt in Notepad or something similar. Additionally, most of my tasks are not technically "project" related per se, but I often think of a related subtask later on. I don't want to go through the hassle of creating a new project for these one-off child tasks. This is where the outliner workflow of Quire.io gets really handy. I simply find the related task and add a child to it. This allows easy ad-hoc development of ideas and projects. If a single task ends up becoming more complicated, I just add more child tasks, or even children of children, ad infinitum. Or if it's just a lone item out of the blue, I can clearly see that in the task hierarchy.
  2. Due dates with optional recurrence and calendar date picker: This is extremely important for me. Some (but not all) tasks need to have a due date, and some due dates are repeated. Quire.io has a very mature implementation of due dates, with a nice popup calendar to visually pick dates. (Hint: You can even make it start the week on Monday! This is extremely important for my way of looking at time and dates. Just set the locale preferences to "English U.K.") The due date recurrence options can range from simple things like "every week on day X" or "every month on the Nth day", to more complex situations like "Every X months on the Nth tuesday". It's all selectable from a simple calendar UI with dropdown menus. Dates can even be added to multiple items at once. Very well done. Suggestion: The "every X months" option ranges from 1 - 6. This covers most scenarios, but it might be nice to include even more esoteric situations where X = 7 to 11.
  3. Overview of important due dates: When you have a lot of tasks accumulating, sometimes anxiety about what to do and what due dates are coming up can be a problem. Quire.io has a nice overview of all your due dates. Just click the "Grouped By -> Date" option, and it will show a nice breakdown in terms of "Overdue", "Today", "Due in 5 days", and "Later". Suggestion: Things due tomorrow are placed under "Due in 5 days". I would prefer to have a separate group for "Tomorrow". Bug Report: The dates that are "Due in 5 days" are not sorted in ascending order as I would expect. Rather they seem to be presented in the order that I added the due date.
  4. Real-time syncing and offline capable: Quire.io has a nice sync system that updates changes made to a list across all devices that are viewing it. If one of them goes offline, it will re-sync as soon as it comes back online. The process is quite smooth and seamless. Tip: Quire.io even can even be launched from a device that is offline. Here's the trick: In Google Chrome (1)Visit about:flags (2)Find “Enable Show Saved Copy Button” and set it to "Primary". (3)Restart Chrome (4)Visit http://quire.io/w while offline and it will load and let you make changes. After re-establishing an Internet connection it automatically connects and syncs up to Quire.io. Nice! This works on desktop and mobile Chrome.
  5. Undo pane: Quire elegantly handles accidental deletion of items. After deleting, a discrete undo pane is highlighted at the bottom. This can be expanded, and individual items can be restored. Suggestion: I would like to see batch restore here.
  6. Drill down views: This is a very innovative an unique feature of Quire.io. Sometimes it is useful to only focus on a subset of tasks and their children. In addition to allowing focusing on a specific subset, Quire shows a useful overview of that subset, with stats on how many subtasks exist, how many are completed, and a pie chart for how many are are due tomorrow, in 5 days, or later. This overview can be seen in the right side panel just by clicking on any task, even without accessing it in drill-down mode.
  7. Description field with Markdown support: I find the description field with Markdown formatting support to be very useful, since some of my items are technically tasks, but rather random bits of information that I need to store. Some of these notes get long, and it's nice to have Markdown support with simple formatting and list options. Instead of making a long and unwieldy list item, I can keep it short and sweet and add the details in the description. Even files can be attached to this section of any task.
  8. Keyboard Shortcuts: The majority of the core outlining functions can be controlled with intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Hints are provided in banners during initial use of the application.

What could be improved

  1. No offline search: The biggest feature I need is offline search. Currently searches are sent to the Quire.io servers in realtime, requiring a network connection. I need to be able to search while offline, where I spend a lot of time.
  2. Search of the description field: At the time of writing this, the description field is not exposed to the search function. This is supposed to work, but Quire.io staff say it's currently broken. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  3. Filtering: There is an icon to toggle the filter control on/off. However, it doesn't work as I would expect. It appears to just show or hide the filter controls. I would prefer for the filter icon to enable or disable the filter functions, preferably remembering the filters I set up, allowing me to temporarily disable them, and then return to the same filters with the click of a single button.
  4. Multiple tags and negative tags: Right now only one tag can be selected at a time. For GTD purposes, it's extremely important to be able to filter multiple tags, for example, "All tasks that are #Work related while I'm at my @Office." Additionally, I tag some tasks with "Someday", which I would normally like to filter out to not show, thus reducing clutter and anxiety.
  5. Ligatures and bullet points: Since this is effectively an outlining app, I think it's important to have the option of showing bullet points for each item and ligatures to clearly show the hierarchy of items.
  6. Multiple selection: It would be very useful to be able to move multiple items at once to a different level. Additionally, I would like to be able to remove tags and due dates from multiple selected items.

So in summary, Quire.io has a lot of good things going for it, and it also has a lot of growing to do still. The developers are very responsive to customer feedback, and they personally responded to each and every one of my concerns by email. I was glad to see that they are backed by several large corporations, and they plan to continue offering most of their features for free. Congratulations to the Quire team for their hard work and innovation in this important app space!

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This free app looks minimal but provides all the core features of a task management app with some powerful extras. Task, subtask, priority, repeated reminders,...and you can set them just by typing. There's a system to sort and filter results to customize views and see what you want. All the jobs are done simply and quickly. But I personally love how you can make it your own with markdown syntax and some CSS codes in both the title and descriptions. And the greatest thing is that all these wonderful features are free, and core features won't be cut off if there are priced plans in the future, promised the developer.

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Thanks for providing solution to create infinite subtasks and adding description, due date for each of them.

All other to-do list applications are missing this simple logic surprisingly. You know this job!

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I did a lot of research into infinite nested todo app and found that Quire is the only application out there that fulfilled all my needs. This is a great solution for anyone who needs to juggle many ongoing work / personal projects in tandem, highly recommended!!

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Really good online service for organizing stuff! Very simple but useful, I'm a freelance artist so it helps me a lot with my own planning/developing for work. Highly recommend it.

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It is the best tool for Project management - Online collaboration, Task management, etc. Period. I have used BaseCamp, Trello and evaluated Several others. But, nothing is as simpler, effective and intuitive as Quire.io

  • Ultra clean, Simple and easy to use interface
  • No feature creep. Essential features implemented in best possible way.
  • Super easy Markup language for formatting
  • Github integration ( and Slack ), dont need to clutter with a Crowded marketplace.
  • Hierarchical Lists. You assign members to it, write a description, set date, status. Further, reply/discussion threads on each list item. Thats it. What else you need ?
  • No complicated Boards, Cards and other complexity
  • No need for Video tutorials to figure it out
  • You can create even proper documentation using the very same Hierarchical lists
  • iOS Client app. An android, just run it on chrome. Runs smooth as butter. (But an app is in development)
  • Its Free as of now. With a very generous amount of projects (80).

Online Project Management at its' best

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The best project management tool available!

Quire simply gives you the ability to create a clear project overview and deligate tasks without any problems. The clean UI provide exactly what you need without leaving functionality, it's packed with options fitting any need. Being a free app makes it even better. It's also better and better.

Best app available and it helps me organize your work. Directing teams is equally more efficient and simple with Quire. I'm using Quire now for approximatily 6 months and it's simply by seeing the advandages.

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It ticks a lot of the boxes so far.

  • multi platform
  • multi user
  • free
  • easy to get going
  • hide details to prevent being overwhelmed with the magnitude of all the projects combined
  • keep information relevant to task together with task, saving time to find it when you come back to a task
  • simple uncluttered interface when decomposing projects into tasks and subtask
  • easily reorganise tasks

I was looking for personal use to help get a hold on all the tasks and projects at home. Most free products focusing on personal use were either to simplistic or only focussed on one aspect of getting things done. Or were app based and did not allow updating when you are at your desk at the office, as things pop into you mind. Or required setting up your own infrastructure at home.

So I was happy to finally find an enterprise tool that is easy to get going in as I believe we need the same tools at home as we do at the office as the goals are the same. It is just that the team might be smaller.

However, I think why I like Quire is because it is a single tool that allows you to go from idea to completed project in a single interface and controlling all the turmoil in between.

In summary an elegant solution to a very complex problem.

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I have tried out almost every project management tool there is. It took a year to find out what made me quit on all. They all have sequential task lists, whereas a natural ordening is a hierarchial, or recursive, or holographic, like Quire.

Quire is an excellent tool for task management. Only a little more color and contrast needed!

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I was looking for long time some simple fast available tool for managing my tasks, I tried some apps, or online tools but anytime I came back to my desktop email client with plugins. I've joined to project few weeks ago, with very weak project management. I decided to find some solution for us. I tried at least 5 alternatives, but with no satisfied efect. Then I tried Quire... and I've loved it. Quire offers me anything I need for tracking my tasks, progress, notes and team collaboration on projects with very intuitive and as simple as possible user interface. Thanks for this great tool guys.

Try it, you'll love it too :)

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I've been looking for a task management platform and came across Quire. It's clean and contains a decent structure that organizes tasks rather well, which is what I had been looking for. We wanted something where we could assign tasks but wanted a hierarchical setup - something Quire does pretty well.


Quire Task Management - Well worth investigating

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A great task management tool with a new approach.

Good for heirarchical tasks, sub tasks, etc - useful for any sort of sprawling project or ideas.