Microsoft Paint Alternatives with feature 'Support for Layers'

    Being bundled with every version of Windows in recent memory, Paint is a basic option, but its tools are usually enough to get the job done, so long as that job is basic image and graphics editing.

    There are plenty of free options available across every major operating system and device form factor that offer more feature-rich experiences, such as layer support and support for extensions and plugins.

    This page was last updated Oct 4, 2021

    1. Luminance Studio is a product in the Studio series with a focus on painting with luminance for both natural media and design style of artwork.
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    2. BE CREATIVE in your spare time!! This app enables you to make a pixel art easily. Although the operation is simple, it has layer editing, color making and other professional tools.
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    3. NPS Image Editor features a user interface resembling the "classic" version of Microsoft Paint with small system footprint.
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