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Comment by moof74
about MacUpdater · Dec 2018 · Helpful Not helpful 6 Helpful Report as spam

MacUpdater is the only viable solution to update users with a lot of independent applications like me. I've always avoided MacUpdate solution and for years I've been using AppFresh until it was discontinued. I was thrilled to discover a developer decided to provide a non-subscription model to handle all theses updates. Nevertheless, I'd love being able to update multi applications at once. Currently we have to update one by one and this is getting a bit tedious but the dev told me they're working on it. Hopefully soon. Keep it the good work and thanks to the developers.


Comment by spradling
about MacUpdater · Jul 2019 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report as spam

Excellent app! Best way to update your apps in 2019/2020


Comment by robkraanen
about MacUpdater · Jul 2020 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

MacUpdater saves me a lot of time
It's a one-time buy, no subscription necessary
The limited times you can scan your system is not very "2020" (else you will overload the servers), but it does the job. If I would be able to make more than 4 scans in 18 hours (I think that is the limit), it would get 5 stars.
For 10 EUR, the purchase is a no-brainer.


Comment by flamiatos
about MacUpdater · May 2020 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Handy app. It's a bit addictive always to run your apps on their latest updates and this application solves your urge to scan your Mac for the latest and greatest continuously. It works fast and effectively.


Comment by thecodercody
about MacUpdater · Jan 2020 · Helpful Not helpful -5 Helpful Report as spam

I know there are plenty of good reviews, but good reviews are often faked nowadays. This app seems too good to be true to me, and I'm getting a very eerie feeling about the reviews I'm reading. I will not be trying this mac app out for quite some time.

NOTE I do NOT have evidence for this. I'm just a software geek with a lot of experience restoring macs due to malwareified fake apps. Proceed at your own risk.


hi there 'thecodercody'. i'm am the founder of CoreCode and wanted to respond to your comment here. on a personal level i can agree that in some cases lots of good reviews are not an evidence of a great product, but only the result of fake reviews. on the other hand i am sad to see that you are dismissing a product that we have put so much work, love and sweat into over the past 3 years (sometimes at great personal expenses) - without even trying it for a single second! it feels like being punished for making a product too good.

please just try MacUpdater for a few minutes and you'll see why there are so many enthusiastic reviews here! it is because MacUpdater saves you a lot of time, and we are working very very hard every day to support more than 5700 apps for single-click updates and more than 60.000 apps for displaying the Latest Version.

it is funny you are mentioning 'malwareified fake' apps here. incidentally we also have a lot of experience there because MacUpdater always through great lengths to be as useful as possible and is therefore able to detect and warn you about more than 450 different 'malware' apps. now if you have as much experience there as you claim you should know that nearly all of them follow the same pattern. most of them have 'Optimize' in their name and they have similar homepages that often offer telephone support and are filled with "trust signs/certificates". if you look at our homepage for just a split second you'll see that we may be a small team with limited marketing resources but if there is anything that MacUpdater is not then it is a 'malwareified fake app'.

i'm looking forward to an updated review of yours that is based on actually trying our product. if you don't give it 5 stars right now, i promise the upcoming version 2.0 will convince you!

Comment by jesusmalverde
about MacUpdater · Dec 2018 · Helpful Not helpful -25 Helpful Report as spam

Leave it to Mac users to be completely useless at the most **basic **of computer tasks, updating software.


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