IntelliJ IDEA interface overview: the Project tool window (left) outlines the code structure and the Editor (right) is used to read, write, and explore the source code.
Inspections help find probable bugs and dead code, detect performance issues, and improve the overall code structure by providing quick-fixes for any code that contains potential concerns.
IntelliJ IDEA analyzes the context and suggests the most applicable and relevant code.
In the Search Everywhere window, you can search for files, actions, classes, symbols, settings, UI elements, and anything in Git, all from a single entry point.
IntelliJ IDEA provides first-class support for leading frameworks with dedicated assistance for Jakarta EE, JPA, Reactor, Spring and Spring Boot, and other popular frameworks.
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IntelliJ IDEA Features

  1.  Autocompletion
  2.  Dark Mode
  3.  Full-Text Search
  4.  Syntax Highlighting
  5.  Spell Checking
  6.  Support for Themes
  7.  Extensible by Plugins/Extensions
  8.  No registration required
  9.  WYSIWYG Support
  10.  Real time collaboration
  11.  Ad-free
  12.  Works Offline
  13.  Distraction-free
  14.  Code Formatting
  15.  Git Support
  16.  Privacy focused
  17.  File Versioning
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IntelliJ IDEA information

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  •   Updated Apr 17, 2024
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Another Neko
Top positive commentFeb 4, 2021

While IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition's source code is mostly open source (under the Apache 2.0 license), it is NOT like VSCodium and requires you to agree to corporate ToS and Privacy Policy to use the open source application (it just quits without starting if you decline). It would be great if someone started and maintained an independently compiled version of IntelliJ IDEA that has the user agree to no terms other than the Apache 2.0 License and doesn't track the user.

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Top positive commentOct 17, 2018

awesome features, rich with assistants and has all the bells and whistles you'll need for a comfortable development

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Duncan Briggs
Top negative commentAug 4, 2019

I would like to see an automatically updated view of the issues (including errors and warnings) in my project (not just a single file). I recall that Eclipse had a view of this, but IntelliJ IDEA does not. It has a few similar views, but I dislike the duplication, and none are quite right:

  • Yellow highlighting under the scroll bar (single file –– not project)
  • Tooltips when hovering over the code (single file –– not project)
  • Tooltips when navigating with the keyboard shortcuts F2 and Shift-F2 (single file –– not project)
  • View –> Tool Windows –> Project –> Problems (errors –– no warnings)
  • View –> Tool Windows –> Run (errors –– no warnings)
  • View –> Tool Windows –> TODO (to-dos –– no errors, no warnings)
  • View –> Tool Windows –> Inspection Results (warnings –– no errors –– manually updated)
  • View –> Tool Windows –> Problems (errors –– no warnings)

For more information, please see the following eight-year-old issue on YouTrack:

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The issue you linked talks about the opposite. They want a view of problems in a file but you want to see them for the project. The issue even linked pictures where you can see it in action...

What you're looking for is: Analyze -> Inspect Code... -> Whole Project. You don't just want to open a view with preexisting information, you want to start the process of analyzing. Pretty self explanatory.

And, to top it off, the issue you linked has since been implemented.

Reply written Sep 7, 2021

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Adam Lewandowski
Positive commentMay 18, 2023

It's really helpful

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Positive commentOct 23, 2021

IntelliJ IDEA is just my favorite IDE for Java. It has a lot of useful features and it's also free if you're a college student.

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Positive commentSep 7, 2021

It is lightyears ahead of the competition for Java, and it is also the top choice for every other language it supports. THE perfect software

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PP Samal
Positive commentDec 13, 2020

intellij idea is very good from android studio and it never stucks in not responding

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