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    An "if this then that" automation service. Think of all the things you could do if you were able to define any task as: when something happens (this) then do something else (that). It’s a basic framework, but one that impacts pretty much anything with a sort of cause and effect property.

    There are several alternatives to IFTTT that provide "if this then that" functionality. Many of them are open source and available locally if you prefer to audit the code that you'll be using to add the convenience and quality of life improvements that task automation can provide.

    This page was last updated Feb 24, 2022
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    Over 600 apps work with IFTTT including Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, Weather Underground, Instagram, Gmail, and...
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    1. Zapier enables you to automate tasks between other online services (services like Salesforce, Basecamp, Gmail, and 249 more).
      Zapier vs IFTTT opinions
      Most users think Zapier is a great alternative to IFTTT.
      Only 14 day free trial is offered.
      Negative comment almost 6 years ago

      pilarbustamante It is limited to 200 task a month for the free version, but it has a lot of features specially the email parsing. that are very useful.
      Positive comment over 5 years ago

      Killy IFTTT is a hostage of it's minimalism - no reasonable data conditioning can be done. Zapier gives a lot of tools to manipulate your data and to test it step by step.
      Positive comment almost 4 years ago

    2. Huginn is a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online. They can read the web, watch for events, and take actions on your behalf. Huginn's Agents create and consume events, propagating them along a directed graph.
      Huginn vs IFTTT opinions
      Most users think Huginn is a great alternative to IFTTT.
      more advanced and self hosted
      Positive comment over 5 years ago


      • FreemiumProprietary
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      • Software as a Service (SaaS)
      Make lets you design, build, and automate anything - from tasks and workflows to apps and systems - in a few clicks. vs IFTTT opinions
      Almost everyone thinks is a great alternative to IFTTT.
      chonunca More powerful, can convert, parse, replace, filter inputs. And a really better interface
      Positive comment almost 2 years ago

      Let me do all things I need but with better quality than IFTTT
      Positive comment over 3 years ago

    3. Open-source and privacy-first home automation with an emphasis on local control and backed by a worldwide community. Runs on Raspberry Pi or local server.
    4. n8n is an extendable workflow automation tool which enables you to connect anything to everything via its open, fair-code model.

    5. Open-source task and test automation tool and Selenium IDE. The UI.Vision RPA software is a browser extension that can do desktop automation as well! Use it for web automation, form filling, screen scraping and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
      UI.Vision RPA vs IFTTT opinions
      Some users think UI.Vision RPA is a great alternative to IFTTT, some don't.
      atesto Good and free workflow automation. It runs directly on your machine (it is _not_ cloud based)
      Positive comment about 3 years ago

      slippycheeze This is a desktop automation tool, not an event driven workflow tool.
      Negative comment almost 2 years ago

    6. Advanced automation app for Android that lets you trigger actions like alarms and app launches based on configurable events like phone calls or time of day. Tasker also lets you create apps using these automation features.
      Tasker vs IFTTT opinions
      Most users think Tasker is a great alternative to IFTTT.
      mirage This is not an online service, just a phone automation app. Their feature overlap is pretty small.
      Negative comment 10 months ago

    7. openHAB is a Java-based open-source home automation platform that integrates and combines a vast range of different smart home systems and technologies into one single solution.
    8. Automate tasks by integrating your favorite apps with Microsoft Flow. Make repetitive tasks easy with workflow automation.
      Microsoft Flow vs IFTTT opinions
      Almost everyone thinks Microsoft Flow is a great alternative to IFTTT.
      Not as user-friendly, limited apps and services available
      Negative comment over 1 year ago

      • FreeOpen Source
      • Mac
      • Windows
      • Linux
      • Self-Hosted
      • Node.JS
      Node-RED provides a browser-based flow editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range nodes in the palette. Flows can be then deployed to the runtime in a single-click.
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